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  2. Gratz dude
  3. Hey, stranger. I am just here to let you know that any reference in my posts to "Danny" means I am not talking to you, but to my beloved gay Belgian ZottenDree, who is still sad that you stole his name on these forums. Hopefully this clears the confusion and you will not think weird thoughts of me, not saying that you did, but humans are creatures of wide variety and anything is possible. Peace name-theif.

  4. Ace dying in One Piece
  5. Thomas in "My girl" Green mile The Shawshank Redemption, Brooks Hatlen scene American history X final scene Wilson form cast away floating away Dobby in harry potter Green mile scene: If you dont Cry you have no Soul (inside Spoiler) American history x, did not excpet: (Inside Spoiler)
  6. Got to be Boromir for me. Still brings a tear to the eye
  7. People who get tilted by other people. Clam the fck down.
  8. Today
  9. GJ kid
  10. I'd rather spectate
  11. ash
  12. Ann frank
  13. Enter the wildy and make your own <3
  14. I love P2P drama! Keep it coming
  15. They pile me saying "You picked the wrong clan" Etc, Which is ironic considering they kicked me lol <3 Its all good though, We don't really fight Cl v2 anyways, They pk 6:00-11:00 aussie timezone, which is 2:00-5am DK timezone. Lasttime they tried to fight us in a reasonable DK timezone we had 47 on TS to there 25 and they got smacked, Avoided our timezone ever since
  16. motherfuckers who don't know how to drive
  17. I stand corrected, you're the corrupted kangaroo and CL wants u dead
  18. This is form 2011, Refering to the original CL. I was CL 2007>2011 (it closed around 2011) As for "kicked" from that cl, i was kicked for 1 day, because me and some officials crashed a AA fight against Tnc or SOK, 1 day later I was let back in As for the Remade 2016 cl I got demoted, Prettymuch said "Meh" on the demoted topic, and check again in 1hr and I was kicked. (Demoted because I was flaming some of the Ancient fury guys who were talking to SV saying that they saved CL) <3 So joined DK, Became Warlord, and CL been butthurt ever since
  19. hell ye
  20. Got arma task leggo???
  21. Gz
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