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  2. Big Purchase

  3. ty chronic

    Big GWD owners
  4. Big Purchase

  5. Big Purchase

    Gratz! dont lose it now ur up
  6. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    Usually just ketchup. Sometimes ketchup and cheese
  7. Bruh, shit was expensive back then
  8. Tell me this doesn't bring back memories

    I am not old enough to understand this
  9. Bad memories of getting scammed.
  10. Tell me this doesn't bring back memories

    Buying rune full 240k - Darklord1848 Selling yews 320 gp ea- Darklord1848
  11. I literally remember all the specific spots for all these items. I still really don't understand how varrock west became the trading spot at the start of OSRS. Way more space here
  12. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    girl with the dragon tattoo
  13. Another pet

    transparent chatboxes are for weirdos
  14. Big Accomplish

    transparent inventory
  15. Today
  16. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    I've seen it bro, it's really good.
  17. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    Most things, plus bacon, chicken, cream cheese legit lots of stuff, hotdogs here in Brazil are a mess.
  18. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    @Paisa_man you might wanna check this one out if you liked City of God.
  19. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    All, dont often buy/get relish though even though its good
  20. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    The Raid & The Raid 2
  21. What's your favorite "foreign" movies?

    This movie about MS-13 Romantic Drama about a Girl who realizes she is Lesbian, Falls in love etc.
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