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  2. New automobile

    Very nice
  3. Wanted this since 2k06

  4. Mass raids Dex

    Very nice!
  5. Mass raids Dex

  6. Mass raids Dex

  7. Mass raids Dex

    Nice loots! Congratz yall
  8. DF mass raid twisted bow

    Gz big owners
  9. DF mass raid twisted bow

    Nice loot! Congratz
  10. Today
  11. Mass raids Dex

    big monnies
  12. DF mass raid twisted bow

    big loot for us
  13. Mass raids Dex

  14. Rev Cave Nerf!

    They needed a nerf but this big of a nerf is questionable
  15. Mass raids Dex

    I am swimming
  16. Wanted this since 2k06

    Very good
  17. George felt it in his loins

    Free money
  18. Posting on forums as requested

    Very good
  19. Mass raids Dex

    Sold for 77m , 9.6m for the lucky 8 men and lady
  20. DF mass raid twisted bow

    LOVE getting money
  21. DF mass raid twisted bow

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