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  2. gl
  3. Hallo Kevin
  5. Happy Birthday Alis :3 Also: I SEE STRIDER AHMAGERDD
  6. Noiceeee
  7. still loot!
  8. enjoyed my years of being in poison learned alot from yall. gl to all my friends
  9. nice
  10. Hbd lass
  11. Hbd lass
  12. Loool
  13. happy birthday
  14. Today
  15. happy bday person i don't know
  16. How they believe they are relevant, get stomped rev
  17. Shitty call Hockey
  18. Better than a drystreak Gratz!
  19. Happy birthday Manders, enjoy
  20. gratz!
  21. Was watching it all unfold last night! Apparently the injuries are pointing towards nail bombs/ pressure cooker bombs. Disgusting to think you take your child to a concert, and have to worry about this. Absolutely sickening.
  22. Not bad
  23. That's awful
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