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    Dionne Warwick
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  4. DF vs Team Swede & Rev 8/21/18

    Great ownage, we amazing, Nice maging !
  5. DF vs Team Swede & Rev 8/21/18

    Gf, ty for fights.
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  7. Great fight we did amazing we so good etc
  8. Was fun; 2 deaths and 10+ kills
  9. So on this here Tuesday, we massed up and ventured into the wilderness. We found two great fights starting with Team Sweden who we found wondering around Greater Demons, our superior tanking ability and styles cut through their low tier returns and we cleared them quickly, thanks for the fun fight men. The second fight we found was versus Rev inside Revenants. Our swift transitions and style switches brought us ahead from the very start with a stream of Rev returners the entire fight. Several times they believed they were allowed to mage and had to resort to attempting to cheese spec weapons (which fell into our favor once again). We dominated throughout the fight showing once again why we are multi talented Runescape aficionados, best of luck next time Rev and fantastic work Divine Forces!
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    Grats on the loot
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