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  2. What have you eaten today?

    Broc and chicken casserole. Yes, for breakfast.
  3. World 347 Glitch

    Almost like high profile, high impact glitches are different to low profile glitches.
  4. Hey it me

    Yo dude.
  5. World 347 Glitch

    I used to abuse glitch after glitch with my pals and never been perma banned. I know what I'm talking about.
  6. World 347 Glitch

    Imagine having herblore skillcape but no 99
  7. World 347 Glitch

    You've heard of Durial321? This is exactly the same thing, if someone used this glitch to kill another player and isn't life long banned pretty terrible play by Jagex.
  8. Association Game

  9. Band Game

  10. World 347 Glitch

    Abusing glitches ain't automatically a permanent ban lol.
  11. Venom - Official Trailer

    I'll be interested enough to check it out. I hope they do it justice. As with many of these movies, the fault is more in the execution than the idea itself
  12. World 347 Glitch

    Not sure how you let something like this slip by
  13. World 347 Glitch

    not what
  14. World 347 Glitch

    thats amazing
  15. What tilts you irl?

    The inability of sleeping through the night without waking up
  16. What have you eaten today?

    sausage & cheese frittata
  17. World 347 Glitch

    Wish this would have happened on @Bie Boe's world so he'd die and lose all his shit
  18. World 347 Glitch

    Well it's not, so there's that.
  19. World 347 Glitch

    U can also get on the new 2k total world without being 2k total =] =]
  20. World 347 Glitch

    MFW someone on their legit, real account with no prior knowledge this was coming realizes they can kill people on a non-pvp, non-deadman world and doesn't realize it's gonna be a life long perma ban.
  21. Hmm :thinking:

    Welcome back Dan
  22. World 347 Glitch

    LOL Jagex never cease to amaze me
  23. Hey it me

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