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  1. go away
  2. hi

  3. Nice to meet ya.
  4. We scouted a few teams out so we quickly massed for a wilderness tour. We pk'd around the popular places and picked up piles of loot before getting word that VR were massing for their weekly PK. Our clash was pretty brief and they even attempted to pull a cute 2v1 onto us. Props to Cera for having PM all the way on. Gf wilderness
  5. pm me for wiener pics
  6. kill urself
  7. Nice try, Dmoron.
  8. u will die in 7 days
  9. claimed their fking souls
  10. FSK decided to limp their usual three picture PK, so we instantly called a mass to go hit them. And as per usual, we spent about half an hour killing one family member after another as we trailed them to each of their locations as they avoided fight us (despite having the same #'s..). Eventually we got word that Violent Resolution were out for their weekly trip. We instantly started tailing them and at every location they attempted gather at. After being run to single, they gave up on deep wilderness pking to try and PK low level near Corp. Beast & Venenatis. We quickly swapped some freezes for teleblocks and hit them 3-4 times until they just got emotional and ended their PK trip. Same