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  1. Di and Rot over?

    Gays win again
  2. The deed is done.

    Thats bae
  3. U guys use a bidet?

    Wash yo ass
  4. what color is THE DRESS

    I've always seen it as blue and gold too but apparently thats never an option l0l
  5. u wasn't there

    Grats anthony
  6. Weirdest gift you've ever received

    Lemsip. I was ill on my birthday in uni so my boy decided to get me some lemsip. I heard it was seen in the early hours of the morning a few weeks ago being put to good use.
  7. Happy Birthday Ekstra!

    Happy butday
  8. Divine Forces GMT Pk Ft. Vitality, UnK

    Damn looked like some juicy action, missed it
  9. 20M FM

    Our leader btw
  10. Ola!

    Haha she has dat cheeky little smirk about her. Cute!!
  11. Divine Forces Monday Night PK

    Was fun, Making sure I rock them runescape tunes to the rhythm of some asswhooping
  12. Rot ends their alliance with DI?

    I also noticed yesterday your country flag was swedish, today I click this topic its canadian very sneaky!!