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  1. Pretty decent!
  2. cheeky 1k pc gj
  3. 21 "IRL?" What are you elsewhere? Welcome.
  4. Anything really, playing rn would be
  5. If hes top 5 then poison were a top 5 clan too imo
  6. Had to read the title more than a few times on front page kept reading it as I got me a baby
  7. The absolute madman
  8. Winter is cumming lads and so am i ;o
  9. gr8 b8 m8 10/10 i r8 dontt h8
  10. Hello masculine guy with a great physice. Welcome
  11. Always went for £5 tesco keyboard and felt fine
  12. Wide dual monitor setup.
  13. mcdonalds burger + their smoothie or frappucino. The amount of times I've been coming back from work and thought fuck it cba and just stopped and got that, unreal If at home already, then cereal. I can eat 10 bowls of cereal in a row.
  14. If I can slide into your girls DM I can slide my shoes into a shoelace tied shoe