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  1. Ref. Nice to see you still around Ice poseidon lover!
  2. LMAO pure gold
  3. Happy birthday xoxo
  4. Damn this is so cute HBD Alice!!
  5. Sad, I have loads of friends in Manchester :\ Hope they're okay haven't really been on my phone or anything to check my whatsapp groups
  6. Welcome back around bro, good luck.
  7. Bossing
  8. You're a rare species
  9. Spoiler: If you answer either IN or NO, it means you're going to died btw ty
  10. Now answer me 2 questions after you look 1. Which direction were the hotdogs travelling when you looked. In towards his pants or coming out of his pants 2. Can you concentrate hard enough to make it reverse the other way round or na. That is all, thanks.