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  1. Strong gains again btw

    Yes lad
  2. Divine Forces 13th Birthday

    Woo, HBD!
  3. Hmm still very powerful, i like
  4. Armadyl loot btw!

    Dude you're still alive
  5. Premier League Fantasy Football 18/19

    Nigerian Princes again boiz, ready to compete like last year ;D
  6. Fan Appreciation

    geisha OP
  7. What kind of milk do you like?

  8. Divine Forces Smashes Dk And Jaja

    Yesss DF
  9. Howl Intro

    @AR07 u remember? u were baby
  10. Howl Intro

    @Howl sup lad, I remember you!
  11. It me :helpfulbitch:

  12. hellooo!

    Sup bro sounds like you were part of the fake envy!
  13. Hey

    Hey dude
  14. Hey it me

  15. You actually have 5 maybe 6 braincells at most btw

    1. Amanda


      you're a retard btw

  16. xD

    u play pokemon everyday?
  17. Hello again

    Bro if you aint bringing some bumtingz with you then allow it init fam <3
  18. Divine Forces Saturday GMT PK

    So much loot!
  19. Divine Forces Friday Peekay

  20. 100K scales worth of zulrah loot.

    The messi of zulrah
  21. little girls when ar07 is near
  22. Divine Forces Thursday