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  1. Putting tape over Laptop cam

    Nah me and my agent are boys now, he's flying out soon to smoke a heavy joint with me
  2. Hiya

    Hey mate welcome!
  3. Scampr's Hunny Guest App

    Ref gl my son
  4. Are you wet under water?

    LMFAO im dead
  5. Is water wet

    Got me fucked up
  6. [Accepted]SMQ, k?

    Welcome back dude, brings back memories of being an AR seeing you apply again l0l
  7. Free money is always the best money

    Why the fuck does your awards signature have a black background por que nigga
  8. Mage Arena 2

    R u related to King_Obina by any chance
  9. Not all heroes wear capes

    But this one does Biggest achievement since monkey madness 2
  10. Not all heroes wear capes

    Grats dude
  11. I have found the light

    SAGRADA LA FAMILIA approves of this godcape
  12. Scampr's Introduction

    yesss then u gay guy
  13. Hello All

  14. Manchester United sign Alexis Sanchez

    5k a week after tax smh #supporttaxdodging
  15. Illustrator

    ?? Are you retarded? Pretty sure this topic was made whilst you were getting kicked from DF nigga
  16. Illustrator

    Hi. Been learning illustrator recently since I'm not as interested in siggy making anymore and more so logo design. Will make a proper e-style sports logo set with a mascot when I get time to draw and learn illustrator a bit better, but for starts this was what I came up with Feel free to use as an avatar although I totally understand memes/fantasy females are preferred avatars heheexdee
  17. Can't stop, Won't stop

    Grats dude arp590 approves
  18. White Dots at Gate!

    Top 10 anime villains
  19. Divine Forces vs Vanguard - P2P PKRI

    Damn looked fun, gj guys
  20. The King os Br0zil

    Hey welcome back
  21. hi

    my g