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  9. Honestly one post that's all you could find not even of me flaming you but someone I apologised to when I came back from a night out. I must congratulate you on how you've even actually proved my point by quoting me on that zybez topic so thanks.. talk about obessed? Now let's get started with your points on how much of an actual loon you are: 1. I wish I took screenies of you showing up at our cwa fights sure I could find ex The members to confirm this/targeted flames for no reason. So this will have to do for now, yes you went out your way with The at every chance you had to bait/flame: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1680130-the-defeat-downfall/page-7?hl=crest227 http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1713464-exotic-defeats-the-clan-3-0/page-2?hl=crest227#entry16441934 http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1746821-thes-friday-evening-wildy-run/page-4?hl=+zude Then again your trying to bait me on zybez once again obsessed much? http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1745270-tuga-legends-vs-the-clan/page-5?hl=%2Bzude#entry16714355 These are a few examples I would continue on or even going back to the days you were in Vr/ I was Corr, it's pointless wasting my time with you so I'll leave this for you below..
  10. Clearly I've touched a nerve, your points still make no sense/ even the slight bit of truth to even bother wasting my time replying to as from my earlier post points were all factual. However this whole female victim card/girl gamer shit get a grip it's 2017 you've clearly been held up in your mothers basement far too long. Now do us all a favour and fuck off you cretin of a human being.
  11. I'm not acting like a victim neither am I obsessed, you've made your way to my clan forums I'm highlighting facts and telling you to please fuck off? You've just made up a ton of rubbish please at least get the facts straight before calling me out on shit that I have supposedly done... 1. You came out of your way to watch various cwa fights that 'The' was having and took your opportunity for no reason to start flaming me that was in 2015 and your calling me obsessed? 2. Please find me a post on zybes where I've quoted you on zybes from 2015 about being so called butthurt from Corr, as it's always been the other way around yet once again your calling me obsessed? And if you do your more than likely flaming The of course I'm going to stick up for my clan. 3. I've never flamed you on The forums private or public, I would not waste my time. What are you even on about Immunity because I have a vagina? If your going to start crap of course I'm going to hit back I'm not one to ideally sit back. I'm not shit talking at all I've been pretty pleasent/factual up to this point... so let's start please take your toxic dirty brain dead baboon ass and fuck off these forums? Thanks
  12. Vladi the farmer!