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  1. Is True a nice person

    He's weird tbf
  2. First Pet ever!

  3. Latins "Magic" Os-Scape

    For everyone especially Danny missing the vids here's a new one
  4. My most embarrassing one was when I walked into class this girl pulled my shorts down but I flamed her to shit afterwards and I did it to her in the next class what about you?
  5. Favorite Liquor To Drink?

    I just drink patron and ciroc what about you?
  6. Divine Forces vs VR

    bunch of shitters lol 25-8 god bless
  7. DF vs VR 12/28

    vr smoked lol
  8. New Year's Resolutions

    - Visit @Danny` in New York and drink. - Max on 07 - Win J Cup - Win DMM Invitational for 10k - Close Clans - Bulk Up - Get 50-100k twitter followers - Go to California to see my boys - Save money - Eat better
  9. Favorite koolaid flavor?

    very nice
  10. Favorite koolaid flavor?

    I prefer grape/watermelon what about you?