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  1. Hello

    Sorry I'm late - hey buddy!
  2. Corporate Consolidation

    This is why I'm pursing business; he is absolutely correct. As long as the main goal for businesses is to make money for the owners, loopholes will be discovered (in this case: mergers into oligopolies) to improve net profit margin and there will be a need for more government control to avoid social and economical issues. The subtle underlying point of this video is ultimately what is disturbing - these super corporations that sit in oligopolies also purposefully affect a government's ability to push effective legislative action against them through. Whether that is through strong-arm threats of taking operations off shores, or direct political influence itself, it's very real and makes the necessary changes delayed.

    Happy birthday buddy
  4. Poly Intro

    Right on! All is good over here. I play rs casually so next time I'm on I'll add you and we'll catch up.
  5. Poly Intro

    What's up man! Long time no see.
  6. Smoking

    Good luck bud, keep it up.
  7. Honestly I'd be surprised if people who were planning on getting a tattoo didn't have the initial thought of how it could negatively affect their health, because I sure did.
  8. Most Missed Clan

    This is going way back, but probably ST. TRWF and RR close behind that.
  9. Today is your Birthday right? 


    Happy BDay if it is.

    1. Bunty


      Yeah man, thanks!

    2. Tyler


      No problem, hope you're enjoying it.

  10. 99 Mining

  11. Headsets

    Steelseries Siberia 800. Cost like $250 I think.
  12. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    If options are limited, mustard and onions (don't like ketchup). Chicago dogs with all sorts of shit on them are amazing though.
  13. Di and Rot over?

    Hey bud
  14. Weirdest gift you've ever received

    A hose... for Christmas from my ex-gf's aunt lol. Speaks for itself.