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  1. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    If options are limited, mustard and onions (don't like ketchup). Chicago dogs with all sorts of shit on them are amazing though.
  2. Di and Rot over?

    Hey bud
  3. Weirdest gift you've ever received

    A hose... for Christmas from my ex-gf's aunt lol. Speaks for itself.
  4. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    It was truly an honor to spend many years with DF, and I can't describe in words how special it was to have the opportunity to lead this clan. Every time I log into these forums, or log into RS and talk with people in the chat, it reminds me of how my time here was truly amazing. I was lucky enough to be a part of many of DF's most spectacular moments, and while those moments are now buried deep into the clan's history, I've been even more lucky to be able to watch from the sidelines and see every one of you deepen that history book by filling the pages with even more unbelievable moments. I hope all of you are proud of what this clan is today, and what it has always been, because I know I am. David - you are the epitome of what a DF leader should be. You are strong, stick to your morals, are underestimated in your knowledge, and ultimately a fun individual to be around. There has never been a leader who has led the clan as long as you have, and you have had to guide this clan through the toughest times the clan world has ever had to deal with. Hell, you are still doing exactly that. You have also managed to surround yourself with a group of officials whose high level of dedication, wisdom, and friendliness are unmatched by any other group. There is no leader in DF's history that can even touch what you have been able to achieve, so for that I want to say how much I appreciate your efforts and am grateful that DF ultimately fell into your hands. However, in my experience in leading DF, the thing that I learned first and foremost is that a leader is absolutely nothing without the people that he/she is surrounded by. I would have personally never seen the success I had as leader without the member base that I was gifted with. Somehow, by some miracle, that same character of strength, ambition, dedication, resilience, and fun personalities still fills this clan through the members that are here today. You all tease old school members over how they come back from being MIA for years and ask for people like Death240, but honestly that is because those members created something special here with those same characteristics I described earlier, and one day down the road ex-members will be logging onto these forums asking where each and every one of you are. I hope you all realize how much of an impact you have made on the legacy of this clan, because there is no clan that has ever been or ever will be of the same quality as DF is, and that is because of each and every one of you that are here today. Thank you for the memories, and thank you for continuing to make those memories. I'm always here rooting for you guys. Cheers to 12 years, and the many more to come.
  5. Most memorable fight?

    Been lucky to be in a ton of amazing fights while I was with DF, but hands down the most memorable was DF vs DI miniwar in 2006. That's when I truly knew we were on our way to doing something special.
  6. u take cold showers?

    Generally warm, but when the weather heats up I take a lot of cold showers.
  7. Your all time favorite

    Ken Griffey Jr.
  8. Glad to see CL is still alive a kickin', always liked them. Gj guys.
  9. Water

    They taste different, but I can't say it's a big enough of a difference for me to dislike a specific brand.
  10. hi

    Hello, sorry to hear about your clan.
  11. Downfall has met their....Downfall.

    So is anyone left?
  12. Hello

    Hey bud
  13. What music do you like listening to?

    I listen to a lot of pop punk and hardcore, but I like songs from a lot of different genres.