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  1. Personality, everything else to me is just the initial attraction. She has to be able to have consistent conversations, and be laid back enough to hang out with me and my friends.
  2. Sup

  3. Grats on the loot
  4. Hoping for Golden State, but I think the Cavs will win it all.
  5. They should just move on honestly lol.
  6. No I don't support the current leadership for a lot of different reasons, but foremost because they in general lack leadership and responsibility, which is important considering we don't have a senate or house that can work with each other (liberals vs. republicans, republicans vs. republicans, etc.). Despite viewpoint differences, there has to be willingness to work with each other, and the white house needs to be the ones to at least attempt that by getting opposites to sit at the same table. That issue didn't start with this current leadership, but it is important when electing your leadership anyways. It's proven to be very inefficient.
  7. August Burns Red
  8. You're triggering people apparently
  9. Farming, construction, crafting are probably my favorites.
  10. Business casual, so slacks and a button-up shirt.
  11. He killed it lol
  12. Grats!
  13. Sounds like a lot of drama, but that's mostly what clans are nowadays. Welcome.
  14. Hey buddy