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  1. Damn, ya'll going wild on everyone
  2. Divine Forces Rev Caves Feast

    Well done DF! Jealous of all this newfound wealth
  3. 70 Prayer

  4. Maxed

  5. Mistakes!

  6. Mistakes!

    Fumbled, just like that Patriots.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Just playing very casually, but I'll be trying to be around in the community
  8. Hello Everyone

    lol only 72. I see you and a few others at monks from time to time!
  9. Hello Everyone

    1. Real life/preferred name: Scott 2. Display name: Blue Wall 3. Previous names & aliases: Just Blue wall pretty much 4. About yourself: Played RS off and on for way too long, but can't ever seem to put it away for good. Clanning is always what kept me around for the most part, but after college it wasn't possible to keep up with it because of work hours so I just pop back in and skill from time to time over the past few years. I'm pretty laid back and open so anyone can feel free to approach me whenever and ask questions. 5. Clan history: Since 2006, only DF. A few before then. 6. Where did you hear about DF? Created all Alliance with DF back in 2006 and after I closed my clan I integrated into DF pretty seamlessly. 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: Definitely know a good number of those here, but there is a ton of new faces that I don't. Which is why I felt that making an intro post would be a good idea in order to get to know a few more people. 8. Reason for introduction: Pretty much what I said above. I've been away for a while now and there are a lot of people that I never got the chance to meet. So I want to reach out and introduce myself and hopefully get to know a few people along the way. I'll be hanging around the CC just doing whatever skilling in game (although I am terrible at this game). 9. Additional comments: Not a whole lot more to add, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone around.
  10. Progress 1 month in.

  11. I got your message saved btw 

    1. Pato
    2. Scott


      It's no easy task to get a retired player like me to hang around 9 hours on a work night, and you did just that.  Definitely my biggest memory of that last stretch I was hanging around for!