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  1. Dks ironman loot

  2. hey sorry wrong intro l0l

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  4. Gainz

    Grats EJ
  5. 99 smithing- no pet

    Grats lad Firemaking next
  6. xd guys

  7. Frick yea baby

    Grats mate
  8. Eruption of Mains!

    Shave that thing dude
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    Nice mate
  10. Champions League & Europa League draw

    Pretty happy with getting Porto, could've been easier but could so easily have gotten one of the giants, realistically we should be going through, playing away from home first is pretty nice aswell. There should be some great games coming up, PSG vs Madrid will be a cracker, Chelsea vs Barca will be pretty close I reckon and then Spurs vs Juve should be very close.