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  1. Collateral Beauty - 6/10 Meh
  2. Band Game

  3. Association Game

  4. DF vs CT 8/18/18

    Casually looting food while tanking lmfao
  5. Band Game

  6. Association Game

  7. She crafts

  8. Looked easy, well done DF
  9. Few levels

    Grats mate
  10. Band Game

    Sasha Sloan
  11. Association Game

  12. Bob Kelso

  13. Bob Kelso

    Raids 1 Drop Solo or Team Complete a Raids 1 Sub 20 Minutes Raids 1 Challenge Mode below guide time Raids 2 Drop Team Complete a Raids 2 Sub 25 Minutes Zulrah Unique (Any) Bandos Unique Solo or Team (Any) - No Shard Saradomin Unique Solo or Team (Any) - No Shard Kree'ara Unique Solo or Team (Any) - No Shard Zammy Unique Solo or Team (Any) - No Shard Wilderness Boss Unique Solo or Team (Any) Vorkath Unique (Any) Complete a Master Clue Complete a Elite Clue Complete a Hard Clue Berserker Ring from Dagganoth Rex Archers Ring from Dagganoth Supreme Seers Ring from Dagganoth Prime Kill a Jad Barrows Unique Armour Piece or Weapon Corporeal Beast Unique Solo or Team Slayer Boss Unique Any Pet Revenant Cave Unique Demonic Gorillas Unique
  14. Jimmy Jamal Strikes Again(Gmaul)

    Nice dude
  15. cheeky bandos

    Nice dude
  16. Bob Kelso

  17. BINGO

    Grats friends I guess that's most of the money you need for the bow @Sutty
  18. Are traps gay?