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    no, i know how to read
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    don't sleep on the wiz
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  7. in the books Dany says she always assumed she'd marry viserys when she came of age, so i seriously doubt she'll care at all. i think you're right that jon won't care for it too much lol. i really loved all the reunions in this episode, especially brienne and the hound. it warmed my heart seeing how much the hound cares for arya. i really, truly thought cersei had put the good of the realm over her own personal gain. i was honestly pretty surprised at her conversation with jaime. speaking of, i thought jaime was as good as dead. when he left, i was expecting to see him bend the knee to dany in this episode. maybe next season? i'm very sad that we have to wait another year-year and a half for a jon/arya reunion. i need to see jon ruffle her hair and call her "little sister"!!! speaking of arya, i'm pretty disappointed with her overall arc this season. what's the point of showing us the duel with brienne when we don't even get to see her put her training to use? she's very possibly the most dangerous person in westeros right now, and all we get is her slashing some little fuckboy in the throat. (although that scene was badass) i thought the whole jon being a targaryen reveal was kinda corny but i guess they had to do it in a way where the really casual viewers would understand it. if i was just a casual show watcher and didn't follow any got theories/go on the subreddit i seriously doubt i would've known that jon was a targaryen until this episode lol. i did get spoiled on the jon/dany boatsex but everyone knew it was gonna happen anyway so it's really no big deal at all to me lol.