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  1. Scorpia's Offspring

    About time! Grats mate
  2. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    Congrats on 12 years. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here in the past, and being a part of the community in the present (ignoring the other times in between where the roads were a little bit more rocky ) I'd like to thank my boy @Bob Kelso for giving me the opportunity to join back in 2008, and allowing me to rejoin the community this time around
  3. Desert Diary - All 1 go

    Grats bro
  4. Never lucky

    Word to my nigga @lilchris
  5. @Branflakes - Bow

    But i have rigour and aug now i thought you'd be happy for me
  6. @Branflakes - Bow

  7. european gold rush

    @Branflakez Im fucking rich
  8. Never lucky either

    80 - got the d pick on 8
  9. Never lucky volume 3

    Yeah but where's joes shard topic?
  10. Never Lucky

    Grats bro, thanks for coming back and helping me!