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  1. Your Go-To Karaoke Song?

    Cher - believe lmao
  2. [Updated]Same

    woot nice!
  3. 85 Slayer

    Overdue.... jk gratz!
  4. [Updated]Ross told me to post

    damn nice, gj!
  5. T Bow motivation

    thanks buddies
  6. T Bow motivation

    Was paying too much attention to take a picture in the right timing :'(.
  7. 500 Easy Clues

    Very nice amigo
  8. [Updated]Double Breastplate and Skirt

    I guess gwd is where the loot is at! Grats!!
  9. [Updated]Dex

    venga venga venga

    ahh lucky af #gains
  11. Divine Forces Monday Night Sweep

    dang that ssome good loot
  12. I didn't read the books so maybe you can help me out understanding something, it really is the thing that bothered me the most from this ep lmao. So, Rhaegar had two children with Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon. These 3 were supposed to have been killed by the Mountain, right? Then he has another child with Lyanna, ALSO NAMED AEGON? Is this a coincidence that both are named Aegon or was there some sort of mistake? I mean, who gives the same name to two sons lol. Not sure if I made myself clear heh
  13. Introduction, StegaLord

    hey, welcome!