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  1. Band Game

    Temper trap
  2. best goalkeeper US

    So yesterday Portugal played against a pleb country that is really weak so the coach decided to try out players who had never played for the national team. Unfortunately I didn't watch the match since I was travelling, but after watching the highlights I realized it was a disaster so it's not like I missed anything...
  4. yes

    Good job IMK. If you are looking for a job, I'm getting a crew together to go cod fishing in the northern atlantic ocean. PM me if interested.
  5. Caturday

    oh myy
  6. If you could swap genders for a day, would you?

    I wonder how many decent looking lesbians you could get in one night... mhmm
  7. Murray was late again

  8. Trip to Romania

    Thanks mates, it really was great! Nope amigo, when you've got a girlfriend you've got to be loyal :')))). The whole city is a red light district during the night Fuck selfies. Come to portugal I'll fuck you up with my cod :D. we watched football, then went to some bars and got free shots from chicks who were probably prostitutes
  9. Trip to Romania

    Sup mates. I just came back from a 11 days trip to Romania. Since I was in an EU project, I didn't have that much free time to go sightseeing but I still managed to see some stuff. From what I saw, I can tell you that Romania is much better than I expected. It's a truly beautiful country, specially the country side. When I travel I usually don't take many pictures, I am not used to taking pictures + don't really see a need to go full japanese on my phone (iPhone 4 so ye not the best camera anyway lel) so I'll just post a few. I spent my first night in Bucharest and had to leave quite early in the afternoon so I didn't get time to go to every place but overall, compared to other cities I've been to, this one shouldn't keep you busy for a long time. Bucharest has a really strong nightlife, met a guy from argentina and went out with him to some bars. Eastern european quality when it comes to the girls h3h3. I stayed at the Antique Hostel which was pretty good. If you are thinking about going to Bucharest, I strongly suggest staying here. It's about 2 minutes walking from the old town where many of the pubs/clubs are. This was a church that was destroyed and then they used the part that was good to build something on top. I was a bit hangover when I heard the explanation, can't remember exactly what it is now :DD. Moving over to Buzau, a town east of bucharest, we visited a site with mud volcanoes. There were some new ones that should be about weeks old and then some older ones Here you can see the mud that was coming out of that big one. It was really cold. A girl stepped on it and lost her shoe in the mud, she spent the next 5 minutes trying to find it and going like "I CAN FEEL IT!!!" but still not managing to pull it out. On the last day we booked a minibus and made a small trip to Transylvania, passing through Sinaia to visit Castelul Peles and then the Bran Castle aka Dracula. The dracula castle was a bit of a disappointment. Didn't get to take any pictures of the outside as I didn't feel it was worth, so here is just a little something where you can see all the different colors in the mountains behind it. nobody took my kidneys or any of my belongings, w0t
  10. Hi guys

    So you speak scandinavian languages now?
  11. We dont want this bitch - bees

    Fuck monarchy!!!!
  12. [Updated]Twisted Bow

    I had to sell my shit to buy 90 pray lmao. Came in handyy
  13. [Updated]Twisted Bow