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  1. Anthony's Intro

    Hey there!
  2. Divine Forces Thursday Reaping

    love me some loot thanks boyssss
  3. Just out slaying

  4. Finnish savagery in action

    feels like 2006 heh?
  5. 100m [D]

    woo nice
  6. the dream

    Thanks boys n girls :DD
  7. the dream

    2k total wot. Time to get 2222
  8. Is water wet

    no m8 its dry as fuk
  9. Hello

  10. 99 Fisherman

    Lithuania's best fisherman, gj!
  11. PM me to have your palm read

    About 10m each lol. Yep he is, sick runescaper as well join us next time 4n Thing is that I didn't say it every kill. Out of all the kills we had I only said something 4 times: 1st in the arma hilt, then a failed bandos hilt and then the 2 I posted. :]]]].