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  1. lmao ty
  2. Gj kid. Great bonding time. long road ahead of me :[[
  3. I can help you making darts out of them hehehee.
  4. first raid woot Ty <3
  5. Ooppaaaa
  6. sick, ty
  7. how much is that in Ms? idk anything about those plat tokens lel, but gj!
  8. People who wait for the metro in front of the door and don't allow those who want to get out to do so easily.
  9. I don't want to go bald
  10. I can totally understand that, Ross has only seen my drunk face I believe
  11. Parabéns!!!
  12. gj mate
  13. Hey man, welcome! How does it feel to be born after 2000?
  14. w0t

    We didn't go far anyway