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  1. Solo dex scroll

  2. Tbow rebuild

    this guy sold his entire bank for a broken tbow, can't even get kills at mystics with it lmfao
  3. Tbow rebuild

  4. Raids!!!!

  5. Ghrazi Rapier

  6. Avernic Defender Hilt

    what the fuck gratz!! nice luck btw
  7. should have been me!!!!! Died yesterday cos I prayed redemption instead of range :emocrybaby::emocrybaby::emocrybaby::emocrybaby::emocrybaby:
  8. ironman luck btw (sorry an opinion)

    your luck is real, gj!
  9. [Video of Smashing] Jaja and Dk cleared in 3mins

    gj boys lmao
  10. the weather in europe is totally fucked atm. I had 30ºC in budabest while lisbon had 15 LUL??
  11. I felt mad for you, after that PS
  12. Best Failed Zerker

    gratz mate!
  13. Team aya wins agains

    adonde esta monica?