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  1. Duel Arena

    keep owning
  2. cant say enough about the place, hands down the best experience of my life
  3. Baby Chinchompa!!!

    about time you caught up to me bob
  4. 99 mage wow woot hehe

    Grats Ur still complete and utter trash
  5. 99 thieving baby SuuuWuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. double treble btw

    10 in a row cant be stopped

    1. Saxo


      scared of stevie g lmfao, dw lad id be shitting it aswell hes come to see the best team in the world lift #55


      just out of hospital been in there for the past 2 weeks, mfw your a fussy cunt and they start moaning your not eating btw

  7. Skeletal Visage

    still owning
  8. Unique stuff

    Grats bud
  9. 100m Cooking

    big bob
  10. awesome accomplishments

    u suk
  11. 90 Hunter

    u suk
  12. Still slayin

    keep owning dude
  13. got myself the hardest pet to get

    representing scotland well!