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  1. I created in some site, true
  2. Box is like your mind, u look for all sides and think about runescape mainly if u addict (feelings)with it. If u think, u waste time too Hourglass ( 2 triangles) show the time u waste with runescape, not just playing runescape, but while u think about it like the box Vertical bar time u wasted with runescape in your life just increase because u never stop forever. The eye is good like this topic, show for you think outside of box, not just inside of box, in another words think besides of ' runescape ''
  3. Hi, today is a special day Desire peace, happiness for u abby I have hope u have a nice day and win a lots gifts
  4. Hi, thanks everyone

  6. Hi peter, miss u
  7. I will show 2 ideas about tatoo, first against tatoo because some people make just to think is center of universe, but are paint pigment on your body. Another idea, now in favor about tatoo, for example, i did a tatoo on my body because like the image, after some years changed the idea about this tatoo i did, but was eternity on my body forever if dont retire it. Same time, i have idea about opinion and desire, with time people will growing your desires/opinons change maybe tatoo i did not is special now but while i did was special for a moment of my life. Showed 2 point divergent What are u think about tatoo?