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  1. Tournament World

    Whip style( switch) Some players could ask: Why waste time with tournament world? First want just play rs for fun, before played rs to skils or try be richer but it's impossible and just a illusion, you will play it a lot years and few guys pull at least 1b. Then since play rs 2k3, i have a new vision for this game, just play runescape for fun, one reason for clan bc I like pk. Some players just want goals or maxed skills, if you like it and feel good with it go ahead, but dont play rs just to show off, just play to enjoy yourself, just a advice
  2. Possible learn while u sleep
  3. Neymar left barcelona

  4. Neymar left barcelona

    Barcelona is death
  5. 33b

  6. 1 kc

  7. 300

  8. Got 200 kills mainly f2p no arm, besides got some pics Not eat food 200 KILLS PROOF
  9. Hello

    hi bro
  10. Immature clan world

    Topic about moment of clan world. Mainly can think markito doing just the topic because downfall closed, but not is. But, never saw all my experience in clan world since 2007. The most emo year of clan world. I respect clan closed, but mainly closed pull +30 , +40 members I never saw clans with apologies like this year. Just a circle of power (hierarchy) dont open for your members. If a clan pull +30 members, at least + 50% still like go to pk, maybe dont like runescape but like go event. i dont understand in my mind, how hard try talk with members to try keep the clan, but prefer to point the clan world like problem. THE PROBLEM IS INSIDE OF CLAN CLOSED. '' If you like runescape, your clan has closed create a new clan with your friends''
  11. Why get a pet in runescape?

    Why get a pet in runescape?
  12. Do you tie your shoelaces before or after?

    I have time to answer your topic
  13. Most riveting chats with IMK #12

    I dont believe But live a country a lot people believe about god, people talk it a lot while you talk with someone always will say something about to help. I dont like it, people wait things thinking that it will fall from sky. The humanity lost a lot of time in past and till today with it. Another people just join in the community of religion to earn cash and try recruit people saying '' won it because god gave me '' Prayer is an indoctrination, because you repeat it everday and with same words since kid. In conclusion, i have hope some day the bible be just a book about fiction inside of Marte