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  1. Best sandwich meat?

  2. Closer still

    Well done!
  3. Fortnite

    I've watched a few streams, and it looks pretty fun to play.
  4. DF's greatest staker

  5. [Updated]DRagon Claws

  6. New purchase

    Congrats Jelle!
  7. More Haley Pictures

  8. Rodri from UBH if he's still around Df. Then prob like True/Amanda/Sutty/Chronic & other ppl from CR. And anyone else from TKO in 2010.
  9. Happy Birthday Jelle

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.
  10. Maxed

    Congratulations, Rene.
  11. Trip to Africa

    Good stuff, Pato! I'm glad you had a nice trip.