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  1. Hello Everyone

    Hi Scotty, hope everything is going good.
  2. Hello

    Gratz on Council <3
  3. Hello

    Hey Dale.
  4. Today is your Birthday right? 


    Happy BDay if it is.

    1. Bunty


      Yeah man, thanks!

    2. Tyler


      No problem, hope you're enjoying it.

  5. Death note netflix review

    I'll prolly still watch it someday.
  6. A runescape tattoo?

    Is that your Tat Chris?
  7. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    Jesus I'm almost 30. I never imagined DF would ever come close to achieveing everything it has. Last this long. You people make me proud at keeping our Legacies alive.
  8. Most memorable fight?

    I also liked that 1st long fight vs DS, where we almost became the 1st clan to beat them during their undefeated streak. My personal favorite was Feb, 14th 2007, we beat Corr in the 1st PKRI since DS had closed, which would go on to start our reign has Number 1, followed by a victory during the weekend over DI.
  9. Hello

    Oh hey Aly.
  10. Hello

    Sup man.
  11. hi

  12. Gonna go find a GF? "Hai I'm True2k8, Leader of the great nation of Divine Forces!" "Would you like to take a ride on my magic stick???"
  13. Vid of me painting Shenron

  14. First time getting Void (2017 Edition)

    Don't think I've ever gotten Void either.