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  1. hi

  2. Gonna go find a GF? "Hai I'm True2k8, Leader of the great nation of Divine Forces!" "Would you like to take a ride on my magic stick???"
  3. Respect.
  4. Don't think I've ever gotten Void either.
  5. Hey

    Sup. I like the color in your clan history.
  6. That's more so opionion based, Saint Veronica has a special meaning to me based on the people and memories I have of it. I really enjoy most of Billy Talents music though. They got other songs I love too, that one just has a special meaning.
  7. Happy Bday Abby!
  8. NGL, I forgot they ever existed.
  9. Takes a real clan to die twice in 10 years. Oh wait....
  10. Where you DF when Ves, Kicky, Awaisy and I all competed to get 20k pc each in a week? Lol. Lol, but no I was a beast at spamming the forums.
  11. What am I looking at.
  12. Did you listen to it?
  13. Makes sense.
  14. Honestly, not that I remember lol. I would bind most the time so I was always more concerned with making sure to do that right. Or I'd be a ranger and I'd be behind the pile and didn't want to get picked out. Btw, hi Alex!
  15. Lol, whoa. I was just quoting a song, I miss spelled Canadian. The fact you have a problem with a person you don't know is pretty sad in its own right though. Trust me though I definitely see my own flaws lol, I deal with those everyday, do you? Because lashing out to a stranger on the internet usually isn't a good sign. If it makes you feel better though, I'm not anyone special, in the world or to DF, I was simply someone who cared a bit more then the average person and stayed around to watch DF, the RS clan that I loved. I always felt bad that I was inactive for years being dead wait, which is why I never fought when I was told I'd be guested at the end of the year. I'm thankful they allowed me to stay around as long as they did. For real though, do you not like Billy Talent?