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  1. "Who Remembers When"

    Homedawg read your messages!
  2. didn't even c u intro. hmu on the iron: iron_schol

  3. Now they are comming

    Nice loot! I could use one of those as a drop and I'd be in good shape.
  4. 99 Attack and maxed melee

    Congratz on the max melee! Keep up the good work.
  5. Im a farmer

    I hate farming lol!! Congratz though
  6. Do your elites kids

    Nice, I try to do all mine as quickly as possible lol.
  7. Finally....

    Congratz, I've only ever gotten x1 armadyl hilt.
  8. Raids Prep 1

    Hell yeah!
  9. Mage 99

    Congratz on 99 Mage bro!!
  10. OMG

    This video is all over facebook. Pretty damn funny!
  11. Happy Birthday Merked05!

    Happy B-day bro!
  12. What year did you start clanning? First clan?

    Actually, I correct myself. That was when I joined DF LOL! I've been clanning more or less since 2004.
  13. What year did you start clanning? First clan?

    Early 2006, I honestly consider it to be 2005 for me in all reality.