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  1. Would've been lit if they actually managed to kill the dragon just to spice things up and make it even.
  2. 33b

    Best MarkitoFly <3
  3. Weird Food Combinations?

    Pizza with banana. Blame the weird white sweds
  4. Divine Forces vs Vintage

    Well done
  5. This is why feminists are morons

    Dickthinkers everywhere lol
  6. i miss u bb

    1. Mugamas


      come IRC pleb

    2. ila161


      get kik u freak

  7. Choose 1 combo

    I like it black
  8. mcgregor vs mayweather press conference live now

    Well that was cringe.......
  9. The Announcement

    7 days to go... #GameOfThrones
  10. An Empty Wilderness

    You've made your bed now lie in it
  11. Trump CNN

    Team X|Satans Men|Sorrow of Knights|Australian Army|Chivalry Legion|Rsd|Anarchy|Prodigy|The Neggas Clan|Cfg|Kcr|TheMigrants|Agony|Tuf|Ronin|Damage Incorporated| Violent Resolution
  12. Divine Forces vs Vitality

    Well done lads
  13. Divine Forces vs Ruin

    we done
  14. <><

    Ska försöka återställa min KiK info
  15. <><

    I'm currently in rehab