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  1. Happy Birthday Jelle

    Happy birthday <3
  2. Let’s end the wet debate right here!

    я бы хотел сесть на твою палочку
  3. Maxed

  4. Who's Forums?

    DI always had the nicest looking forums.
  5. Escaping RoT at MB

    LMFAO that web
  6. Favorite YouTube channels?

    Nop just random videos that pops up on my feed
  7. Forsaken closes

    Not just a closed clan, a family.
  8. Beaver fact #69

  9. LoL Worlds 2017

    Just want EU/NA team to win
  10. <3 Jackie Chan

  11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

    ehhh really bad trailer
  12. Smoke Devil Pet

  13. LOL watch this "Get fucked"

    He's screaming his loungs out for a flail
  14. Hi guys

    Markito <3<3
  15. Is it worth it?

  16. 100 kills <3

    Nice Markito <3