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  1. Divine Forces Sunday GMT PK

    We will have our revenge!
  2. Is your title really Brad Boy Nation?
  3. Saying Hello

  4. Chrish's Intro

    Hi buddy.
  5. Divine Forces Sunday

    nice loot
  6. For 30 minutes you begged me for a 10vs10 and showed with 15. But you still struggled for 30 minutes against 10 lol. I wouldn't say that was very crushing mr Bradly.
  7. Raids Competition Results

    Thanks for the creative competition!
  8. lucho intro

    Your friend who claims we are racist was kicked for inactivity. Perhaps hes a bit salty and made that up? Good luck on your intro.
  9. Divine Forces vs Vanguard

    I don't remember fighting TR at NG, especially not with WG
  10. Divine Forces vs Vanguard

    Talking about the Downfall run in?
  11. Divine Forces vs Vanguard

    I remember your clan saying they would close us. ..................And I remember your clan trying to hit us in P2P, but got reduced to 1 item / addy in about 2 minutes Do you wanna rap battle? I'm pretty good at free styling myself.
  12. Divine Forces vs Vanguard

    We got more kills than TR did vs DF. Interesting to note mr Crest. Thanks for the short prep DF. We clearly are better at wilderness fights, definitely need to practice our cwa.
  13. Hi

    Hi Risky. Do you still volunteer to leak audio to RA?
  14. Vio says hi

    Hey Vio.