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  1. DF mass raid twisted bow

    where do i go for my split
  2. 99 Cook -.-

  3. #6 99

    nice, congratz
  4. 96 Farming

  5. Divine Forces Thursday Reaping

    Easiest AGS pickup of my life
  6. 333+333+333+333+333+333+2

    hey i think that adds up to 2000 grats
  7. larging up a storm

    fk u, i want that pet so bad so i can block that garbage task
  8. Finally got a couple +1's this trip, dark bow and kraken... two of the worst ones :(((
  9. The dream

  10. 50 Vork Kills

    nice, so lucky you got a head before 50, i had to do another 50-some after that to get my second head
  11. 80-98.99 Slayer Loot Tab

    sick loot, i dont think i couldve sustained my bank without selling my slayer loot