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  1. BACK 2 BACK

    ez money nice man
  2. 99 Prayer

    well done joe
  3. Purple fart cloud

    no way is that thing a bunny? hello? I was also fighting back anyone who tried to kill me
  4. What to Remove?

    i would remove pants from the game so everyone would be in their panties
  5. IMK found wigless in a ditch

    nice, and under drop rate
  6. Just over 2 months, PZ EZ

    ill give u 50m if you let me killyou
  7. Meet Haley

    hey can i get that, looks hella cute
  8. 29,968 abbysal demons later

    nice unlucky took so long
  9. [12/40] Jad pet

    ez pz gzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. 99 Slayer

    whoa whoa i invited all who were in cc
  11. 80 KMS

    Using trade to follow someone to the alter is afk idk im prob gonna switch to bloods
  12. man of the jungle

  13. 70 agil

    grats lord havik
  14. Happy Birthday Miles

    Thx everyone
  15. Alice woke up at 4am for this

    alice?????? why couldnt you show up 5 minutes earlier
  16. [11/40] pet kree

  17. youll get it eventually! hopefully before the 3k mark