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  1. Favourite Grapes?

    Red. Stick them in the freezer for a bit mmm
  2. lmao blue eyes white dragon!!

    Son of a bitch. Gratz man!
  3. [Updated]Dex

    6 man split: Jim, Alice, Stevendoom, Manjep, Daniel 12.459m split
  4. [Updated]Twisted Buckler

    5 man split: Jim, Alice, Daniel, Manjep 3.282m split
  5. [Updated]More Dags

    Very nice trip. Gratz!
  6. [Updated]Dex

    Gratz guys
  7. Bursting and Chin Calc

    I wish I had this back when I was getting 99 mage/range. Very nice.
  8. [Updated]Crossbow

    FFA Sold 84.02m God favors retards @Murray
  9. 1k vorkath tab

    Ooo nice loot.