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  1. Rate the song above

    7.5/10 classic
  2. Rate the song above

  3. Rate the song above

    6.5/10 quite liked
  4. You say it isnt you every time but I am still not convinced And ahh well
  5. 2nd clip, the guys looking for falador
  6. Probably already been posted but just finished the book and rejoining the hype train I seriously want that full remix of Pure Imagination
  7. Jokes

    I was gonna make a gay joke. Butt fuck it.
  8. Watersports

    So strong
  9. Stuff

    So strong
  10. Gaming Computer/Laptop advice

    S^ Boys. Basically I have had this little £250 laptop for 6 years now, and its start to feel pretty worn down. So plan is to purchase a new Comp/Laptop but I need some advice and a few questions to ask 1. I have heard that you get your moneys worth buying a desktop because the laptops are overcharged ? But I have also heard that recently this is not the case and that Laptops/Desktops are actually quite similar nowadays (anyone confirm/deny?) 2. Laptop or Desktop? Have any of you guys made the switch from a laptop to a desktop and if so what did you find different? why was it better and why was it worse (obvious one being moving it around) 3. Do Desktops last longer than Laptops? Cheers boys