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  1. 9.5/10 one of my all times, still have this played a lot
  2. Thought this was forum spamming, I was about to inform you how wrong you were
  3. 7/10
  4. Guessing you have seen the series haha 7/10 decent
  5. I had a few that were related to songs i liked at the time like Hoppippolla by Sigur Ros and 0ceanAvenue by Yellowcard Eventually I got the name KingdomHeart when it became available due to the fact I like the game Kingdom Hearts
  6. 6.5/10 Got it on my itunes for nostalgia but not something id listen to on repeat
  7. Great show, got a lot of little things id say that annoy me about it but overall class
  8. Might actually play.... Slayer is the only thing I like in the game nowadays haha
  9. That was what I intended to get across, just phrased it incorrectly
  10. Dear god... I am so happy I got out of this game before shit like this became a thing.
  11. 5/10 was okay
  12. I want to save Hannah Baker
  13. I can teach you how to become better at that if youd like
  14. If it wasn't for Shivva that would have been the worst ending to a season I think I have ever seen. Everyone elses thoughts?