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  1. Every part of my body has been erect for at least 4 hours after watching this trailer
  2. Rate the song above

    They just do not mix together well.... 3/10
  3. 34 000 postcount and 0 life

    Only wankers care about postcount Evidence: Used to care about postcount 2 years ago, at the time I was a wanker
  4. Awkward moment when IMK doesn't mention you but at least your boy BOB KELSO does
  5. How important is postcount?

    Fully agree with you there
  6. Got some decent head(s)

    Kq Head was on 46 KC Demon head was on 6671 Decent day
  7. Rate the song above

    3/10 just nah
  8. Msg me next time you guys do this
  9. Maxed

    Grats Rene!
  10. One green rockish looking boi

    I was doing like my final 30 kills so and Rob was coming to pick me up, so I rushed it and forgot the pouch aha C halberd is op as fuck (side note)
  11. 29,968 abbysal demons later

    I hope my journey isnt this bad damn