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  1. Rate the song above

    8/10 liked that, surprised you linked it tho haha
  2. Which Diaries are good to get at elite level tho?
  3. Christmas soon, so I have more time to actually grind and not just afk cannonballs Since it was a year and a half since I was active, anyone wanna suggest what skills I should get (I know Herblore is important for Raids apparently?)
  4. Rate the song above

    8/10 of course
  5. Rate the song above

    6/10 The Guitar Shift at 1:48 !!
  6. 76 to go boys

    So strong dude
  7. Rot and Jed exposed in early GMT.

    I know a lot of it will be greatly exaggerated but the main thing for me is that he should not be allowed to be in a clan in particular ROT who everyone knows for years have a very scummy out of game approach to ddosing and just in general leaking peoples private information. How anyone can be in that clan knowing what goes on behind scenes is beyond me, its actually pathetic to have such an investment in an online game that isn't even that popular.
  8. Rot and Jed exposed in early GMT.

    If Jed doesn't lose his job then Jagex are officially a fucking joke
  9. Rate the song above

    6/10 was decent
  10. Sorry man, wasn't sure if there was a way to hide the content from you :'(
  11. definition of nvr lck

    Sorry to add to your misery
  12. 90 Base

    I remember back in the good old days you were fucking terrible at this game Grats on getting gud