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  1. E3 2018

  2. Rate the song above

    8/10 Classic
  3. Rate the song above

    5.5/10, was okay
  4. Been a long term goal to get Achievement + Music cape, and of course you get the Quest cape trim alongside Shout out to Pork/Junior/Lil Chris and Chronic for taking me on a raid to get the 2nd to last music track I needed (Didn't see that I also needed to kill the Moss Giant boss :s) Now just need to wait until christmas to get the (t) on the music cape
  5. Giant Squirrel

    Penguin best course for pet?
  6. Rate the song above

    8/10 ofc
  7. Rate the song above

    7.5/10 quite liked
  8. American Beauty 9/10 Still a great film, but Kevin Spaceys scenes are now just that bit extra creepy.. Mena Suvari though <3
  9. Ushio and Nagisa <3 Ushio cutest anime kid Also listening to that song atm
  10. Dexterous Prayer Scroll

    Take me on 1 raid so I can get music cape please
  11. thieving grind over

    When 99 thieving costs you like 200m (a)
  12. 4 Lions 10/10 why has it taken me so long to watch it
  13. Rate the song above

    6/10 classic ofc
  14. Rate the song above