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    it’s what she deserves
  2. U S A

    don’t forget without the greatest country in the world all you filthy Europeans would be german today
  3. @pengy

    why is ur resolution like this
  4. posting a topic for a clue scroll lmfao the state of u @IMK there’s a topic designated for this retard
  5. Max

    POGGERS something. @IMKwill never accomplish
  6. "Who Remembers When"

    @Redroc being active cuz i sure as hell don’t lol
  7. Scientific Study

    cats LUL
  8. - E L I T E S -

    couldn’t imagine
  9. Ghrazi Rapier

  10. B2B Avernic defender

    sitting here waiting for pk video 614 by metallic mage and he’s here pvming lol.....
  11. i can only imagine the vibrations per second in alices apartment at this very moment
  12. Divine Forces Friday Furry PK

    furry huh ? @Chronicflame
  13. Divine Forces vs Renegades

    u niggas ass
  14. Wumeme :^)

    trade sotd for dfs
  15. w0w

    not 99 LUL
  16. di close ~.~

    long live wumeme
  17. Describe the person above you in one word

  18. shit boss/game/quest/level

    ok but why do u play on a tv