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  1. thx just bought first 10 going to buy another 10 tmorro.
  2. itll be shit as usual obv but torvesta is quite okay to watch i have to admit
  3. @Romeo niks is gratis in de straten
  4. @Rinus wakker in de cel same old shit bro
  5. do you hold any right now? im about to buy atm
  6. damn nasty curbstomp you okay bro?
  7. thanks for the fight mate hope to do it again
  8. bitch
  9. SO FUCKING EXCITED jullie ook toch @Rinus @Dylan @Bie Boe @Romeo @Korneel @Jelle @Bir 25 @Roy_makkinga @Boszy @ZottenDree @Daan @suubs @ila161 @Murray
  10. cheapest one u can find hopefully u can afford that one
  11. cabs @Rinus
  12. is t ironman?
  13. my nigga has a lot of experience jumping borders @Rinus sore af brah
  14. #bb #bb #bodybuilders#barrowbrothers #gangshit @suubs