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  1. No, I don't agree with Trump on this behavior, but I also don't feel like this is going to severely hurt Trump. And yes, he is your president since you're a naturalized American citizen.
  2. Thanks for the fight, hope you follow rules next time!
  3. Wait times are around a year in Canada, yet their outcomes are better, ok cancer is almost a death sentence in public healthcare, so they come to the United States to get treated
  4. Because the free market system has created all these wonderful breakthroughs that doctors share across the world. Free market!!!! wooo!!! And you don't have better results, you just have more people 'covered'. What you do have is a much more manageable population size, whereas in the United States, we don't. Go talk to our friends up and Canada and ask how their single payer system is doing with 1/10th our population. News flash: it's overburdened and killing people with wait lists and poor access to proper medical technology.
  5. Our healthcare is partly expensive because it's the best lol we're #1 in medical breakthroughs and innovation, but we've been ravaged over government influence in our healthcare system. Yes, the constitution does require our federal government to ensure general welfare to its citizens, but it does not say that we should be awarded private services like insurance. This is something that is paraded around by our political left, yet they fail to see that you have no right to someone else's service - that's called slavery. Government overreach is exactly what happened with our crazy college tuition. Government steps in, prices go up.
  6. For over 320 million people with the highest quality and cost for healthcare in the world, not even including any illegal immigrants not paying into the system as it is I think not
  7. I'm glad the bill didn't go through, but it's also kind of hypocritical that people think this bill will kill people when it's pretty much still Obamacare. I disagree with Trump's support for the awful bill. @Vladi x
  8. I'm arguing that people that believe in this crazy 3rd wave feminism bullshit have low iq
  9. Grouping up all men because some men do bad things Got it!
  10. obviously a larger country so of course we have more crime
  11. Pretty conflicting set of information. Do I trust a police chief whose department has swept rape reports under the rug or the national police commissioner
  12. Lmfao love how a leftist male is so triggered by a thread that says 3rd wave feminism is trash and should only be thought of as trash. You are precisely the type of person that shows why people need to pay attention to the world. Instead of being enraged why men complain when some women think all men are potential rapists, you are slating the idea that men shouldn't be labeled that by these feminazis, shouldn't be subjected to double standards, and should be able to enjoy life without being deemed inherently sexist. You realize that this festival is being put together based on the fact that this Swedish comedian just grouped up all men together and said that we need to learn to control ourselves? Do you know how demeaning that is, or what kind of mindset it produces? Do you know how hard it was to be in my field of work, in education, as a male, just because all men should be looked at as potential predators? It's mindsets like these that make some men like Matrix and I mad, that people can openly hate males for being males when we've done nothing to deserve it.
  13. How misleading, nice fake news. non-hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the United States population. This RAINN study is based in the United States off of statistics from the Department of Justice. White men are underrepresented in rape, where blacks are over-represented. Even then, this study is still misleading, as 'white' is not differentiated with Hispanic whites or Caucasians, rather than European-origin. Whites, in this sense, could be vastly underrepresented. Talk about a biased study. And then you bring up Sweden: And you don't even bother to remember that crime is NOT reported in Muslim-majority communities in Sweden, because it is only patrolled by Muslims. Police declare them no-go zones, and that amount has risen to AT LEAST 23, something the Swedish National Police Commissioner said himself in an interview. On top of that, your tiny little excerpt only uses information from 2 years ago. The problem has been exacerbated by the ever-growing refugee crisis, with a handful of European countries now starting to stem the flow of refugees to theirs, whilst Sweden accepts them with open arms. Norway has dropped their rate by 95% and built a border wall with Sweden to control immigration. This ultimately contributes to Sweden's cesspool of economic migrants, as Sweden becomes their final stop. Finland won't take them as fast, either.