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  1. I can imagine all the people killing themselves right now
  2. so are you telling us to get off runescape
  3. He needs to get off Twitter but every day I'm glad we don't have Hillary. I approve of most of what he's doing, but I don't like his collaboration with the RINOs in replacing Obamacare rather than leaving the insurance companies to compete with each other. Build the wall
  4. no
  5. Waddup gayboys
  6. i also usually put a little bacardi gold rum in some cold pepsi or coke diet or regular, either is fine
  7. anything raspberry personally, but i kind of enjoyed this one mai tai i had i also enjoy a chilled stella artois
  8. if u haven't seen this, you're missing out
  9. was definitely not a good time to do so
  10. i try to be as chill as possible but i do exchange memes thru text
  11. Want, because my ancestors are Swedish and I enjoy nordic culture so i want to have a nordic tattoo.
  12. at least 1-3 times usually stay an hour and start with a 1.5mi air force prt eval