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  1. Trump vs NBA/NFL

    I personally don't care if people take a knee and believe stupid shit like Kaepernick, but the overall blind disdain for one's own country and police will eventually devolve into disorder. BLM is misguided, based on a lie, and used as a meatshield for scummy human beings to cause chaos. I'm not saying NFL players can't share their opinions, but if people want to watch football, they want to watch football, not a political stunt. It'll be time for the NFL/NBA to make a choice and alienate almost half its base.
  2. What is ur car?

    2001 Acura CL 3.2 Type S 280,000 miles, still runs like we just bought it. Sunroof, about on par with a Mustang of its year.
  3. do you like driving?

    if theres no traffic yes
  4. the greatest conspiracy of our time

    my grandfather raised his own chickens so i've had brown eggs before
  5. just curious, what's the beef with fsk about
  6. New PC Build - OS

  7. How to stop a Hurricane:

    I'm not that religious, and I believe in a Christian God, but anyone who prays for worldly things is pretty misguided. I don't believe in prayer tbh
  8. Most Missed Clan

    Elite Assassins
  9. Political Compass

    @IMK I actually was in favor of drug testing welfare recipients until I looked at the data (http://ijr.com/2015/11/468478-here-are-the-states-that-now-have-work-requirements-for-food-stamp-recipients/). It so happened that not very many people were doing drugs who were taking welfare, which was contrary to my suspicion that a lot of people abused welfare for this purpose. Here's an article on SNAP ( https://thinkprogress.org/what-7-states-discovered-after-spending-more-than-1-million-drug-testing-welfare-recipients-c346e0b4305d/ ), showing that 42 states had at least partially waived the work requirements for assistance. I didn't find this surprising. There's no incentive involved, it's just free food for misfortune. On the other hand, I like seeing people being fed, but not when there's no reciprocal effort to better themselves. When there's no drive inside the person to better themselves, they find contentment in just getting by. Either we need to find ways to give people hope to become better or we need to yank assistance away as a wake up call from people who don't want to better themselves. I found this to be an interesting JRE conversation between Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein.
  10. Political Compass

    Socialism has a very short ladder and it's absolutely immoral in practice. It doesn't break ceilings like capitalism does and it also doesn't create drive in individuals. Socialism has never worked anywhere and every country that has a middle class and has ladders for success is capitalist.
  11. north korea tested a hydrogen bomb

    I think something might happen in the next 2 years but nothing in the near future, it's all just posturing.
  12. Political Compass

    You get to choose from three attributes in social programs: accessibility (universality), quality, and affordability. Here's the catch: you only get to choose two And social mobility? If you're talking about race, it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture. The color of your skin does not determine your outcome, your choices do which are rooted in upbringing and therefore culture. Race so far only reveals a strong correlation with certain outcomes and statistics, but as the country's culture and subcultures evolve and mesh into each other, this correlation will weaken. If your talking about class, there's huge wage mobility in the United States, it's just the problem with social programs that are keeping people below the poverty line. When being considered for eligibility for social programs, the government looks at income. How do people stay eligible? They stay poor. Having the safety net does not always encourage individuality and instead puts the burden on the taxpayers. To facilitate individual responsibility, there needs to be either higher standards of eligibility (how to stay eligible through self-improvement) and there may be a need to cut some of these programs to send a message that the state is not responsible for your own poor decisions. If someone is truly disadvantaged, the evidence will be there to show it. cnn.money talks about everything I mentioned according to Pew Research here
  13. Political Compass

    Capitalism is the thing that has brought billions out of poverty, not socialism. Capitalism fuels innovation, COMPETITION fuels innovation; socialism is an inhibitor to it because it does not create an incentive to do more. Those businesses you buy from? Capitalism. The owner took the risk and capital to create that startup through capitalism, not centralized government control of production. The UK is capitalist with large government programs. My father and mother (who was a legal immigrant from the Philippines) both worked minimum wage jobs. My mother worked 12 hours a day and now has worked at her current one for 30 years. My dad had to find houses to live in with friends because he couldn't be totally independent. Did they blame capitalism? No, they worked their way up to making what they make, and even then they get shafted because of taxes.
  14. Political Compass

    Free market capitalism, limited & common sense regulations, consent is key, charity > social programs, government should not become god, prison systems should primarily punish to deter crime, the businessman is ultimately more important than the artist... etc etc etc