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  1. Most memorable fight?

    That 24 hour fight versus TT will always be on mind.
  2. Nba finals predictions

    It's over on Friday.
  3. "Who Remembers When"

    Lmao man, I think I lost all my damn pictures from those days. Man, I know it's been well over 1-2 years to be honest. I saw you was on the forums still, but wasn't a member anymore lol. Good Lord man, that was a classic moment in Runescape. Wish I can see the pictures when they was running all the way down lmao. Nah man, I got hacked in RS3 (?) and stop playing in 2012. Then RS2 came back out, I didn't feel like putting all that time back into another character.
  4. basketball europe vs usa

    Football Basketball (playoffs) Baseball (playoffs) In that order lol.
  5. "Who Remembers When"

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Saxo. Man.. my bad I'm all late. Come on here once and awhile. Blast from the past for real lol.
  6. "Who Remembers When"

    I'll always remember that 24 hour fight against TT. I remember going to sleep at the keyboard, waking up and logging of near spiders. Woke up on the same world believing it's over to see TT was still calling piles. That fight was unreal.
  7. Divine Forces day out

  8. Would u have sex with her? [2]

    I saw a adams apple.
  9. Funny question, I was F2P till at least 70-80 combat. I'll always see membership players come with HAM gear on. Always thought it was badass. Once I got membership, I ran to the HAM cave and got the full set lol.
  10. Why did you join your clan?

    I was in EH, which was an amazing clan when it was alive. However, I got kicked during the FA period and joined THE. THE pulled great numbers during big wars, but just didn't pull great numbers for normal PK trips. That's when I saw the amazing clan of DF, had amazing spam towers and was becoming one of the power house clans back in 2006-2007. I joined in 2007 and enjoyed my time with the clan.
  11. EoS is back

    Haven't heard that name in ages.
  12. Divine Forces vs VR

    I see VR still trash af.
  13. 23killer23 - Back to Say Hello!

    Funny, I logged into the site and I saw "23killer23" knew that was name during my days of playing RS. What's up! lol.
  14. What year did you start clanning? First clan?

    I have no clue to be honest lol. I was in DK, WG, 'THE', EH and then DF. I'll say 2004-2005?