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  1. madden intro ayyy

  2. World 347 Glitch

    Just cuz you're clueless that does not make me a nobody.
  3. World 347 Glitch

    Hit and sank.
  4. World 347 Glitch

    Armadyl storm, crucible money duplicate, DG hitpoints glitch to abuse dharok's, handcannon multi-attacking on single, group vengeance on duel arena and dominion tower mines at duel arena. Just a few to name, wouldn't call em low profile.
  5. Hey it me

    Yo dude.
  6. World 347 Glitch

    I used to abuse glitch after glitch with my pals and never been perma banned. I know what I'm talking about.
  7. World 347 Glitch

    Abusing glitches ain't automatically a permanent ban lol.
  8. World 347 Glitch

    Well it's not, so there's that.
  9. Split or Steal?

    Steal ofc. If you go split you give a chance for your opponent to win this duel.
  10. Avicii dies.

    Hey brother and wake me up are lit.
  11. Describe the person above you in one word

  12. Band Game

    Ariana Grande.