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  1. hi

    Gj @Romeo on closing downfall.
  2. It came out like 2 years ago damn wierdo.
  3. Probs around 7-8, liquid yummy yummy.
  4. MMA fighter ain't gonna beat the best boxer in boxing, 1+1=2.
  5. Gender racism biaaaatch.
  6. How did CT even pull that high with the memberlist they got lol.
  7. Hi

    Jahas taas tän aika.
  8. Love really fought hard in game 4 & knocked down big shots. #CavsIn7
  9. Seems like Hardens meltdown wont be the biggest meltdown of the year.
  10. No shocker here. Thank god ddos is pretty much only a problem in rs and not in other games.
  11. No thx.