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  1. NBA opening night

    Thanks Harden, thanks.
  2. 1/12,000

  3. Duo Ancestral Panty

    Just curious who can wear those better @Sugar or @Romeo?
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs dump all over the Montreal Canadiens

    Ducks. I bet you need to google from what city they are from.
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs dump all over the Montreal Canadiens

    Leafs is so top heavy that you barely make it out from the 1st round. Good luck getting bounced in the 2nd round. You are such typical shitty fan it's gross. E; Should never run your mouth when it's so early into the season. This topic might be golden later in the year. Tampa will kill you in 4 or 5, Panthers and Sens will put you out in six btw.
  6. LoL Worlds 2017

    Fan of Fnatic and Tsm. Hopefully a none korean team takes it all.
  7. Thx birdo

    Great vid.
  8. 92 Slayer

  9. Aus Vs Syria World Cup Qualifier

    Heard USA made a similar cum bag against Trinidad and Tobago.
  10. Finally completed!

  11. Divine Forces Monday Night Dessert

    Not sure how you find action up there, gj tho.
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

    Pretty meh....
  13. History of the world