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  1. saxo waxo sexy boy

  2. Dr Abby ftw Happy Birthday
  3. Never would have thought Ghjjf of all people would get ratted absolutely mental
  4. omg I can post on profiles now

  5. Just sent u a pm
  6. Welcome to the fireblast trap Gonna send you a pm in a min bro Actually I can't apparently I've reached my pm limit even though I just deleted all my messages..Messaged true to fix it so will send after until then I guess I'll just hijack this thread LOL Hope you're doing well lad been years since we last spoke, what you been up to? remember when we had team saxo and chased Cor down to black knights forest and made them all home teleport lmao, had some hilarious times on scape, do you still play or nah?
  7. I don't get it, are they using clonesxs ? lol shits older than omniusha
  8. Ohh lol We're both scottish, sound is slang here for like good ("How you doing?" "Sound mate"). Was just annoying Stone cause if your name
  9. Yea it's me.. Well if you mean Saxo from when you were in DF that is lol Sadly.. I don't really remember you LOL. No offence just been a long ass time but if Shinobi liked you you were probably a cool dude
  10. sound @Stone
  11. saxo waxo

    1. Saxo


      whats good

    2. Justin


      saxo waxo sexy boy

  12. galhas ftw
  13. your rl name is actually dwayne? fuck me how didn't i know that wuu2 the rock Edit: wait isn't your name matt
  14. Love u When u coming on irc again Dennis getting "shot" was beyond pathetic, how could you lie about something like that
  15. How can Rune Raiders be the best raiders if you were in the clan?