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  1. Saxo waxo wuu2 lad

    1. Saxo


      nm justy wusty u?

    2. Justin


      [b]nm you lol [/b]


  2. might have to go to @Stone and @Saggy house to wake them up, living in dreamland for this long aint good lmfao
  3. only number thats coming soon is #55, but supporting celtic is bad enough didn't want to rub salt in the wound by bringing it up tbh
  4. sounds like a load of propaganda to me
  5. wooooooooooo

  6. never left irc to return in first place
  7. how long u fa for fucking hell
  8. Jake the Snake

    1. Jake



  9. nah lad just won champs league few weeks ago u might be mistaking us for celtic @Stone
  10. Nah I don't think so, maybe if you're buying cheap bottled water like ASDA make or something Smartwater/Evian is miles better than tap water, highland spring I would say depends if it's cold or not but that also comes from Scotland so.. Our tap water is leagues above the vast majority of other countries though, but I don't think it's better than the high end bottled water brands.
  11. Nah you can definitely tell the taste. Tap water v bottled water is immediately obvious and the UK is one of the countries with the best tap water so I can only imagine how it tastes in like America. Bottled water is a little harder but you can still taste the difference between stuff like Evian, Smart Water and Highland Spring. The cheap stuff probably isn't muh different to each other though Smart water is the best water tho
  12. Doesn't your hands touch the poop water? The fuck? How deep is your toilets? Unless you're intentionally trying to touch the water I'm not even sure how this is possible. The only way this is realistically possible is if you're flushing so the water level rises temporarily the same time as you're wiping, but if you're doing that that's your own fault.. Anyways I lean to the side and wipe I guess? If you stand up the shit is gonna get smished between your buttcheeks and make it harder to wipe off properly..
  13. saxo waxo sexy boy

    1. Saxo


      justy wusty stinky boy

  14. Dr Abby ftw Happy Birthday
  15. Never would have thought Ghjjf of all people would get ratted absolutely mental