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  1. [12/40] Jad pet

    haha im a fish forgot slayer helm on slayer task xdxd
  2. Big raids drop we back bb

    lol 25k points and i didnt get the dragon sword rigged game
  3. 2k Total level

  4. Construction

  5. DF vs CL 1/19/17

    first song was throwbacks
  6. nimble hippo

    Zulrah Best time: 00:58 Worst drop: 118 scales, 10 anti, 12 dragonbolt tips - 27,424 Best drop: Rarest drop: Jar of swamp Starting kills: 1383 Ending kills: Uniques: Vorkath Best time: 00:00 Worst drop: Best drop: Rarest drop: Starting kills: 56 Ending kills: Uniques: Head Count:
  7. 99 Slayer

    grats xxx
  8. Walk of shame

    haha was doing a clue you idiot
  9. Heyy!

    lil tally says hi
  10. @Rene didnt know it only took addy to break you from maging
  11. 80 KMS

    @Chronicflame this is what a true friend does btw waits till im on to reach milestones
  12. 80 KMS

    do bloods retard lmfao
  13. DF P2P PK 1/16/18

    wow you used my song
  14. Clue Scroll Rewards

    my condolences
  15. Woot 99 attack 126 cmb