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  1. 99 Construction

    Well done mate, you will max this year!
  2. Shit game #2

    The wand is strong in you.
  3. Ila161 HG app

    Hi lad, rejoin.
  4. Its Time

    Hey lad, ref.
  5. 98 Woodcutting

    I do not like traps.
  6. Shit game

    Aye cheeky nice drop!
  7. Gender is a social construct BTW!

    To me that just looks like they are having banter on their Tinder bio.
  8. Aya513 Intro

    Good luck lad
  9. madden intro ayyy

    Communication is key best of luck
  10. Divine Forces Tuesday Sweep

    Cheeky, nice loot lads!
  11. Runescape's Masterchef

    Aye nice master chef lad