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  1. Pretty decent mate
  2. Whaaaa we are gonna keep crashing DF because they said they would keep crashing us (no evidence) whaaaa we wont even message DF to say we are neutral whaaaa. RS 2017
  3. Not just a clan, a family.
  4. Welcome Lars
  5. Nice vid mate!
  6. Nice vid mate
  7. Sup

    Hey Ben mate nice intro :]
  8. Nice work Ben lad
  9. Thanks for the fight CT it was a lot of fun, well done all DF who showed up and great job everyone who was in the portal and did their best to win!
  10. Well done Korneel :]
  11. If its not superficial like the way they look or dress then just being able to have a conversation about absolutely anything from politics to films or tv shows.
  12. Thanks for the fun fights DK!
  13. Aye free shit thanks for the fun action guys!