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  1. hey sorry wrong intro l0l

    Whelp this went well.
  2. "You're like 40 Farming"

    Absolutely disgusting luck.
  3. Dead but still some nice loot to be had!
  4. Hunny guest app

  5. More raid

    Shame about the drops.
  6. Eruption of Mains!

    Pures get shit on even if they have 3x more people.
  7. Mining pet + Fire cape

    game is scuffed.
  8. 90 Pray + 125 combat

    Well done lad
  9. West europe

    Hi Lorenzo, your name is familiar.
  10. Incestral Top

    Aye nice mate!
  11. Sapers Intro

    Hello friend I know you
  12. [Accepted]Eli Introduction

    Hey Eli mate, good luck im open to you joining if you really wanna play RS and be dedicated to the clan.