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  1. [Updated]Shards and small loots

    I need free money please @Seb
  2. done

    Aye well done lad get those items built!
  3. [Updated]Bandos mass event loot

    hehehe well done matey!
  4. [Updated]Sara Hilt

    Very nice loot.
  5. [Updated]:ross2:

    Well done, the strat worked.
  6. [Updated]900+ kills later

    My lord god bless the loot!
  7. Callisto cub

    Absolutely disgusting.
  8. ayyyyyyyyy

    Great skill lad.
  9. Woot 99

    Well done, nice pure.
  10. Nearly

  11. Could not imagine being CT, they see us and run!
  12. Thieving btw ^^

    Get right in his pants.
  13. Farm Boy

    Yes Queen Farming Forces!
  14. Cooperstown, NY

    Best of luck lad.