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  1. WOW! Much looties!

    We are unlucky.
  2. dex scroll

    You what.. raiding without DF smh
  3. 1000 Raids

    Dont need
  4. 1000 Raids

    I have had one in my name.
  5. The deed is done.

    Aye beast lad.
  6. u wasn't there

  7. U guys use a bidet?

    Never used one, some relatives had one but I was like wtf is that.
  8. Bamboozled

    Bamboozled is a term the gay community uses when a drag queen or trans women is so fish that they dont get clocked till the wig comes off or the genitals are out. @Sutty
  9. i hate this game

    Bad luck on that click lad.
  10. Divine Forces P2P PK

    Nice job guys.
  11. what color is THE DRESS

    Old, blue and black.
  12. Introduction Pownix

    @Pownix where is your intro?
  13. They should release turmoil to osrs

    Soul Split please
  14. #Never_lucky

    Aye nice pet lad
  15. Divine Forces vs Vintage

    Thanks for the rounds we did well!
  16. Iron gains

  17. Where's my 1.8M @Lilchris?

    Aye well done.