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  1. Divine Forces vs Vanguard

    Thanks for the fun rounds!
  2. Killer To Skiller Ep3

    Holy fuck, you dont have Augury or Rigour you tramp.
  3. Intense... well done boys!
  4. rsps's

    I have no idea what RSPS means
  5. Divine Forces vs Elite Zerks

    Thanks for another clean fight!
  6. Clue Scroll Rewards

    Post pictures of your clue scroll rewards in this topic, feel free to make personal topics for high value, funny or interesting rewards. If you need help with your clue scroll here is the OSRS Wiki guide:
  7. 126 combat & fund raising campaign

    Well done mate, now just chill out and enjoy the game. <3
  8. [Accepted]Introduction Fietsenhok

    Hey lad best of luck.
  9. 13m is 13m

    Bad luck but also good luck.
  10. How do you eat Burger & Fries

    Alternate between
  11. hey sorry wrong intro l0l

    Whelp this went well.
  12. "You're like 40 Farming"

    Absolutely disgusting luck.
  13. Dead but still some nice loot to be had!
  14. xd guys

  15. Hunny guest app

  16. More raid

    Shame about the drops.
  17. Eruption of Mains!

    Pures get shit on even if they have 3x more people.