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  1. Divine Forces Sunday PK

    VR you gained 40 members and still insta teleported? What the hell is that.
  2. I'm 99 Slay

    Aye well done mate.
  3. XXXtentacion dead

    His gf is pregnant
  4. 91 Herb

    That is a lot of Zulrah scales, nice work Kuli!
  5. 99 Hunter

    Well done Ekstra! The max dream.
  6. Clue Scroll Rewards

    Post pictures of your clue scroll rewards in this topic, feel free to make personal topics for high value, funny or interesting rewards. If you need help with your clue scroll here is the OSRS Wiki guide:
  7. Herbi!!@!@!

    Herb pig
  8. 99 crafting

    Cheeky well done mate.
  9. Hilt

    Where was my damn invite
  10. Galhas10

  11. Ghrazi Rapier

    Lucky dogs
  12. Baby Chinchompa!!!

    Cheeky cute pet.
  13. playing for a couple days again

    Scumbag @Eric`` I told you to do this!
  14. Never Lucky

    Gratz lad!
  15. ok fine

    A year late mate but helpful!
  16. Rich beyond wildest dreams

    FML first drop I see and its the worst... better than nothing I guess.
  17. 2nd drop

    Gratz mates