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  1. More likes than your postcount lol

    grats u posted so many times
  2. What are u think about british citizen?

    Chinese American Brazilian Everything else isis british people
  3. 1 Week of Ironman Progress

    De iron so you can stake that shit brah
  4. Uno Mas

    Tree murderer
  5. Mayweather v McGregor

    Mayweather will just pussy foot around and win by points like he usually does (not saying he's bad just boring imo) Mcgregor probaly doesn't give a shit because either way he's about to get that $$$$$ , if he really cared about winning/losing I don't think an MMA fighter would challenge a boxer whos undeafeated at that and expect to win. All he does is box all he ever has done is box and he's undefeated . As much as I would love to see the upset happen, It wont.
  6. 1993

    Smithing now untill 80 base stats STILL PETLESS
  7. This is True 2k8 IRL

    actually @True 2k8 irl
  8. Anonymous Community - Gwas Destroy Damage.Inc

    nice bradly looks like ole night ran them straight into oncoming traffic -and when i mean traffic i mean wheelchairs
  9. Since joined Hexis

    plss stop the bull-e-ing
  10. I got lucky with a chick today

    Its sad when i saw the title I automatically knew what this was before reading
  11. Zulrah Nerf and Item Balances

    FUCK YOU JAMFLEX WHY NERF RANGE VOID ITS ONLY GOOD IN PVM AND PVM IS FOR FAGS ANYWAYS How else is brap/lemon/unique/wolves gonna pk with no brew dropping???
  12. 104 degree fever and Ive been dying, off and on hunter while falling falling asleep on my laptop in bed
  13. Cutthroat - CJ Tournament P2P 50v50

    work made me miss fight by like 10 minutes but can't argue with those results great job DF GF CT