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  1. work made me miss fight by like 10 minutes but can't argue with those results great job DF GF CT
  2. Pastaman, recruit liquid grack I'm his #1 fan boy.
  3. I didn't even know poison was still alive..
  4. @fruity
  5. Grats u pmed ur friend fast
  6. Wafflehouse too many One of my co-woerkers got fired for giving head in rest room (argued she shouldn't get fired because it only took like 3 minutes) Co workers get arrested multiple times Fights at work Being cursed out by old people +having to kick them out.
  7. Imagine doing this day of release with no guide it took 9 hours, I'd say half of it was the fucking docks
  8. Good effort on intro
  9. Grats man
  10. n1
  11. rip virgo
  12. 0 pets 1 year name change lost 6 stakes in a row with 50% chance This is more rigged then rs day + the word slit makes me want throw up