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  1. #notscared
  2. you know who carries @ila161 @Ells @king flam0 @Xpoza @Bie Boe staked it 3 times and got 42.6m each
  3. bro i feel bad for you nobody liked ur reaction, let me like it for you
  4. everyone like this post, because he's so funny and deserve a +1
  5. sorry cant take you serious, i will spit on your 4head do
  6. cant take you serious
  7. why is my friend @Bie Boe guested? he was so much df pride
  8. virgin life
  9. respect
  10. guess u didnt last long aswel
  11. gratz im happy u didnt did an @Eli
  12. will this guy last longer than 1day?
  13. @Romeo did this to you
  14. good boy