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  1. house hardstyle hardcore raw oldschool hardstyle deephouse is decent if not for to long this weekend im all bout http://radio.q-dance.com/ defqon1 live since its like first time in 6 years i didnt go there
  2. dont think paganini has casted more than once a barrage inside the wildy
  3. https://www.sony.com/electronics/headband-headphones/mdr-1abt just dont plan on talkign with it sounds horrible ask paga
  4. i like the idea off having something not every1 has if u look around every 125+ has max gear no change nothing its nice to see something where u need a skill for instead off just money. on the other hand it looks stupidly hard i like the idea off only 5% best player base not 0,01% having the cape
  5. none so far like 7k kraken kills dry and a shitlots off other bosses
  6. rev caves but in general it hink alot off updates came out to fast faster than they should have been, if updated at all. like zulrah,ely,ags,claws (but what can i say the majority off the ppl playing want pre eoc back not 07 or a balanced combat triangle) yaks destroyed the wild because the 30 spots if this was downgraded to 8/10 it would be usefull without killing the whole p2p part and would improve amounts off magers since u often only have like 5 space for food with all the extra gear runes and sht. as for dung it would kill f2p and p2p even more. ancient curses? melee is already to stronk but in general u wont see many ppl using curses anyways not in wildy. rares are just for the edating fags and items which kept growing in worth so merging ppl. korasi sword no use for it outside wildy and just annoying as it is. pvp weps and armour i wanted rev caves back i guess this counts as a yea for the items. the p2p onces were rarely used will just ruin staking. f2p onces if rare enough i wouldnt mind but in general i think the extra melee dmg will be to OP. also wondering why u mention korasi but no armadyl spell which took 1 rune and could hit 45s
  7. when im free like now 30mins at max
  8. hi

    pitty sure its my minion
  9. football/darts dont rly follow anything but when u put tv on and some girls are playing i normally watch for abit (thought u ment olympics)