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  1. hello renegades council adam

    let's go scorpia
  2. New pet

    well done justin!
  3. vintaj

    less than 2 months lmfao
  4. Divine Forces Monday Peekay

  5. "Who Remembers When"

  6. stfu L0L0L0¿0ll0

  7. Charity raids 2 event

    this means df member will have u raid with df members though
  8. Giant Squirrel

  9. PVP Changes Discussion

    Meh honestly.
  10. B2B Hilties

  11. Just out of curiousity?

    let that GO JELLE FUCK SAKE
  12. Just out of curiousity?

    it make it even though!!!!!!! AVE BAR GAWD
  13. My Intro

    zach and codaine