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  1. 1000 Raids

    Congrats Ross!
  2. The deed is done.

    Congrats, whats with the quality o.O?
  3. u wasn't there

  4. U guys use a bidet?

    Walked past them multiple times in apartments when on holiday, usually just use it to throw swimming shorts into, never used one.
  5. Arcane

    @Vladi x seems to get drops constantly, let me charity raid off you lmao. Didn't realise arcane was only 16m too
  6. i hate this game

    I'm sure you'll get it soon though if you are making it that far with that amount of supplies. Make sure to record it when you do! :D:D
  7. Bamboozled

    Oh my lmao!
  8. Happy Birthday AR07

    Happy Birthday!
  9. They should release turmoil to osrs

    Congrats! no thanks though
  10. #Never_lucky

    Congrats lucky KC for that pet too
  11. 13th 99

    Congrats dude
  12. Raids got buffed today

    You guys need to run some charity raids for fgts like me.
  13. you guys play with fidget spinners?

    I bet you've been dying to ask this question for months haven't you! the burning question everyone wants to know the answer to! Yes I have a fidget spinner it sits in my bag I take to work everyday and I use it when i get stressed
  14. pet #1 ironman

    Oh grats