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  1. Will Grigg's on fire

    This guy has turned into a skiller! Grats!
  2. 1/12,000

    Damn 30m loot, decent!
  3. NBA opening night

  4. Big ballers teasing the noobs as always
  5. Some levels/Whip drops

    I've never played a tank account, must be thinking of someone else
  6. 93 slayer :)

    Big gains bro frats
  7. Tangleroot

    Big Grats!
  8. 100m Total

    Congrats Big Boi
  9. Big skiller w0w

    Many skills much gz
  10. Funniest thing ive seen all day

    @Jg Bomma showed me this yesterday i was absolutely pissing myself
  11. Dex 5 men

  12. Dex trio

    Decent, Vladi making absolute bank from raids content
  13. Quest cape bois

    Congrats dude this is one of my current goals