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  1. 99 Farming

    Congrats! So many people on that skilling grind atm
  2. Quest to 99 Slayer.

    Best of luck!
  3. Divine Forces Revenant Swan Song

    Reaping the rewards again nice work
  4. 99 farming wewt

    Big boy gains <3
  5. Biggest Olympic Troll

    Decent, what a boss.
  6. Going for Quest Cape

    Almost there! I’ve got 17 left but just can’t be bothered 😬
  7. #6 99

    Congrats mate, onto defence then RC :D!
  8. 16th 99

  9. chef

    Keep on Chefing almost there
  10. Ely spikes

    If you’ve got 500m take the risk and try sell for 650m, it might just be random days when they have been in demand
  11. Money dragon

    Bloody hell is it worth 65m?!
  12. Ancient Obelisk

    Looks decent
  13. Smug Advice DF Intro to FA

    Good luck, smash out that 126 cmb 😉