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  1. 1 kc raid drop lmfao

    You lucky son of a monkeys uncle
  2. 80 RC

  3. 500m Total xp

    Congrats, did that 1 xp trigger you 😂
  4. World 347 Glitch

    Oh damn....
  5. Wow vry nice

  6. Building a Farm - Part 2

    It’s a free one called openshot, really really basic and so simple to use, however because it’s free it does have quite a few bugs/glitches hence the audio crackle at the start. Overall though it does exactly what I need it to.
  7. Building a Farm - Part 2

    Second part to the farm build. Couple of issues with this upload: 1) Sound crackles when transitioning from intro to music... no idea why hopefully this wont happen again. 2) Video goes on for 30 seconds at the end, for whatever reason I didn't notice that the music track dragged on so long! As always any views, likes & comments on the video are appreciated.
  8. 95 Hp

    Congrats, focusing on combat stats first then moving onto Skilling? Or just going for combat for pvm/pvp content?
  9. pk video 30

    Liked & commented for you, another decent pking vid. I really liked the section where you threw in some fast pure ko’s, that was a nice touch 👍🏻
  10. 2 point 2 fucking K dude

    77 to go. LETS DO THIS!
  11. Avicii dies.

    Seriously?! I was looking forward to his music this summer! 😫
  12. click click click click click

    Click game strong, grats!
  13. 98 range :)

    So close!
  14. 99 Herblore

    Decent, on your way to maxing!
  15. Crafter

    Getting close to that 2k total congrats