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  1. Paddy O'Hooligan HG

  2. DF vs Team Swede & Rev 8/21/18

    We own, nice vid!
  3. Was fun; 2 deaths and 10+ kills
  4. New pet

    Gratz on pet
  5. DF vs WM 8/20/18

    Nice vid , gg
  6. Divine Forces PVM Bingo Results

    Ok why is your avarice drop in there??? @Murray
  7. Divine Forces PVM Bingo Results

    Was fun, I made money and the clan world cried about it. Eventhough we did some pvm, we still get more wildy action than 3 of those "clans" combined LMAO.
  8. Woke up for this

    Worth it, gratz!
  9. I feel like i'm a bear but I want to be a plank