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  1. wow its only 70m now
  2. Train, bus, car, idk how to cycle. It is all situational depending on how long it takes and convenience. Public transportation is pretty good where I live
  3. #1 also use shoehorn
  4. Yes, its mostly the plain stuff, nothing fancy. Quinoa, frozen vegetables, chicken, rice, etc. Pretty sure I got lazier over the years with cooking
  5. does fsk still suck
  6. 11+, idk how you guys urinate 3-5 times a day? You guys need to drink more water smh
  7. vn
  8. that isnt very nice
  9. very nice
  10. Grew up Christian, don't believe in Christianity. There was a time I still believed there was a higher power, not the one from the bible, but I don't believe there is a higher power anymore. Our physical and mental vessels are just byproducts of evolution.
  11. i remmeber you from SE
  12. i use the grey color dove stick one
  13. the quality of your posts have has a disappointing trajectory markito
  14. Usually hit my 50g fiber per day no need for me. Dried fruits doesn't taste too good to begin with