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  1. Divine Forces GMT PK ft. CT/AC

    very nice divine force
  2. favorite take-out?

  3. 99 Mining

    gz rene
  4. 96 Mining

  5. The farmers life

    muy bonito agricultor
  6. my weekly tear topic

  7. neat

  8. 126

    gj and ty to everyone who mde this possible @Jelle @Hockey@Simon@Danny
  9. big farmerwoman

    big skiller you
  10. Weird Food Combinations?

    nothing recent, but I use to put soy sauce in my steamed rice
  11. Probably korean bbq pork, but I don't cook anything that requires many ingredients/time anymore. Breakfast is always quinoa and like a pound of fruit, lunch and dinner is chicken with wild/brown rice blend and some kind of vegetable. It is boring but I think it is worth the sacrifice for the sake of simplicy and nutrition. If I do want to eat anything that requires more than 5 ingredients, I will buy it instead.
  12. Wootkins

    very good pvm
  13. Laziest thing you've done

    willful ignorance for me
  14. i spent around 7 hard months mole hunting and i finally got the pet. proof hard work pays off