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  1. Tournaments - are they even possible anymore?

    They are possible, but Jagex just need to learn from the mistakes. So far they have been very naive when it comes down to dealing with the clan world as such. Not enough Jagex staff have been involved within the major clans over the years or those who have, haven't really made themselves heard enough for the others to realize how things work here. But I can see it becoming better over time.
  2. CWA Team

    Much fun, best quality!
  3. Premier League Fantasy Football 17/18

    Time to take the throne :#
  4. Vr is LBP.

    Blame Mike
  5. - Gay Alliance -

    Fag boy L
  6. what is ur favourite tv show atm

    The Originals from those that are on still atm.
  7. Spekels Art!

    Beautiful stuff there Anna!
  8. Sick online terrorism, spambot etc

    I love you Romeo, so much Basically this Irc thingy is like 10 years behind it's time. I used to have some Turkish "singing" bot back in 06-07 when there was major Irc beef between Estonian clans. That was badass as fuck, compared to this thing.
  9. KBD Pet + loot tab !

    Seriously? I have 0 pets still..
  10. KBD Pet + loot tab !

  11. AF CLOSES?

    Since I had idea to join them last year, I saw how weirdly the clan was led. So if an obstacle is coming on their way, they just gave up so easily. Not missing them really.
  12. Df vs Df [vid]

    Welcome back, the prodigal son :#