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  1. Premier League Fantasy Football 17/18

    Time to take the throne :#
  2. Vr is LBP.

    Blame Mike
  3. - Gay Alliance -

    Fag boy L
  4. what is ur favourite tv show atm

    The Originals from those that are on still atm.
  5. Spekels Art!

    Beautiful stuff there Anna!
  6. Sick online terrorism, spambot etc

    I love you Romeo, so much Basically this Irc thingy is like 10 years behind it's time. I used to have some Turkish "singing" bot back in 06-07 when there was major Irc beef between Estonian clans. That was badass as fuck, compared to this thing.
  7. KBD Pet + loot tab !

    Seriously? I have 0 pets still..
  8. KBD Pet + loot tab !


    Since I had idea to join them last year, I saw how weirdly the clan was led. So if an obstacle is coming on their way, they just gave up so easily. Not missing them really.
  10. Df vs Df [vid]

    Welcome back, the prodigal son :#
  11. Last movie you've seen at the cinema?

    The Dissidents I mostly go and see only Estonian movies that I Fancy.
  12. for 500 000 irl money

    God, this growd you are running with, have corrupted you.. :#
  13. Your Personality

    By the test I am supposed to be Extrovert.