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  1. NBA opening night

    Thats exactly what i thought :'D
  2. NBA opening night

    FK u.
  3. NBA opening night

    you had me at Pizza.
  4. NBA opening night

    Thoughts? Gordon Hayward.
  5. Dragon Claws 4 men

    Ayyyy grats
  6. Some levels/Whip drops

    Dem lootations.
  7. 100m Total

    GF returns to work tomorrow, and im off till monday. 99 def inc.
  8. 100m Total

    Small achievement
  9. Loot from 300 barrows chest (im) (btw)

    Average for full barrows is like 700? Not bad going GL for future items.
  10. Xbox Live Code

    We've all met one those.
  11. Xbox Live Code

    Hi, anyone got one of those 2 day Xbox Live codes they're willing to give up.
  12. BenQ gaming monitor

    Go for the 27" then.
  13. BenQ gaming monitor

    Are you gonna be upgrading to dual monitor in the future?
  14. 70+

    noice. on to 80s?