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  1. Rev Cave Nerf!

    can u give me a tour through ur basement in ur next vid
  2. Divine Forces Revenant Swan Song

    nice tyranasaurus ring bran
  3. Favorite place you've ever traveled?

    wanna go full commando starting from ur house towards objective #1 t2k8 and after that objective #2 symt OT: niggeria
  4. ull turn into a zuk urself at this rate
  5. Anthony's Intro

    Hi Anthony File!
  6. FTW! Team Trinity and Sanity

    quarters FA Cup Manchester United - Brighton & Hove Albion Leicester City - Chelsea Sheffield Wednesday (2)/Swansea City - Rochdale (3)/Tottenham Hotspur Wigan Athletic (3) - Southampton
  7. FTW! Team Trinity and Sanity

    1 billion pound lost 2 like 20k lol
  8. Money dragon

    ur a hard kunt daley
  9. Ely spikes

    sold 13 elys 1b each bro
  10. [Accepted]Seb's intro

    @Pengy is/was in WF, welcome dude!
  11. Dragon Claws: x6 Niggers: x5 Rest/whites: x1
  12. Revs Casual

  13. Divine Forces Friday Feeling

    Dragon Claws: x5 Niggers: 4 Rest/whites: 1