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  1. Ila161 HG app

    lmao did rene jew u out of 1
  2. Its Time

  3. madden intro ayyy

    who railed whos gf again?
  4. Hey

    werent we clan mates in rot bro?
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    thoughts on busdriver maduro?
  6. Divine Forces Tuesday Sweep
  7. World 347 Glitch
  8. World 347 Glitch

    reported lol
  9. World 347 Glitch

    but whos actually surprised
  10. Hey it me

    wheres ur leaving topic lmao
  11. [Accepted]Hmm :thinking:

    ah yeah jellys boy, wb lad
  12. Peta notified us that chickens were dying at a higher rate than normal meaning that african american Derek Howard was on the loose along with his gang. Found them in Revenant caves and halted their feasting on the Colonel's chicken immediately, killed them all out and forced them to leave. Ran into them again around GDZ while they were having an addy/3 item orgy with jajas and some randoms things, smoked them all out in a few minutes without encountering any resistance, easy 1v10 again! +1's
  13. 99 trackstar

    whats last