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  1. King Smiffy

  2. I lost the game

    Sounds familiar, you been in CL?
  3. IMK found wigless in a ditch

    who was the high person
  4. OSRS Mobile: Data and Battery Blog

    can u jump off a tall building with a rope attached to your neck while ur 'outside' bro
  5. Many debts were collected!
  6. Miss Vorki

    no sound? wanted to hear u scream gag etc
  7. Meet Haley

  8. What to Remove?

    can u do krokodil in ur next vid plizzz
  9. Hello Everyone

    Hello lad!
  10. Scouted a small team named Viral but ran into a different surprise instead first aka unkn0wnownwns, we fought for nearly a hour which ended in DF clearing them out of the wilderness, shoutout to the 3 clueless vr guys for being able to use a teleport and run to spider hill, very good gf unks! cleared our friends Action photography 1 out of in total 3 watchers Great potato kill by Rene Big Booty looty by B (ring)
  11. A Surge of Activty?

    yes voters for cwa killed f2p ty
  12. 99 Slayer

  13. Heyy!

    sounds familiar think i killed u while i was cl
  14. Cheap mp3 player suggestions?

    try 'nigpod' recommended by @True
  15. Made it to a month.

  16. good runescape slaughter