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  1. Gratz dude
  2. NICE
  3. Had to re upload it
  4. Was FFA, 1 person got 2 of the bows...... that arcane right in the middle you see...........yep thats bobs, pissed off much EDIT- for those confused we got no money from this, it was a random kid who got them, we were just in the ffa raid
  5. I agree
  6. + loot from 94-99, cost like 40m i think
  7. Im only getting like 60k ph
  8. Skiller alert
  9. Teach Me your ways oh mighty skiller overlord
  10. Twisted bow on 999, twisted buckler on 1000, why what did you think i meant?
  11. @Redroc #BB
  12. God that song brings back some memories
  13. Yep i got lured, Gratz boob
  14. If only the twisted bow counted yesterday But thats ahell of alot of drops and alot of people made alot of money,
  15. gratz