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  1. no thx.. bigger wildy = more area to hide... they just should add 76k / earned potential system and statuette drops + brawling gloves.. that would legit bring much non clanning people into wilderness and give legitimate reason to risk in wilderness, and make pking actually profitable while its currently huge moneysink.. that would also prevent ragging / 1 iteming
  2. Oh those days.. It was April 2007 i think. firstly i went to karamja and go trough the gates to brimhaven and explored all the way to shilo village, and tried to get in village but died to those zombies at the port, lost rune f helm and kite i think. After that i went to camelot world two bought pirate robes for overprice..
  3. nice job i like ur outfit in game
  4. gj
  5. Gongratz Mr Markito
  6. ya
  7. All time
  8. Carolina herrera men vip 212
  9. ty i really needed this
  10. 2010, JaJa Pride / Legacy, NMP, then i didnt play until osrs and started clanning again early 2016 =P